Thursday, March 31, 2016

Carson Excuses Trump's Horrible Abortion Answer: "Amateur Politicians Should Get A Pass"

by JASmius

But wait a minute, Doc; I thought that ANYBODY could be president, the job is so easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.  It's entry-level, it's effortless, no qualifications necessary, just grab somebody off the street, or hold a reality TV contest or lottery drawing to fill the position (which is essentially what the GOP is doing), because "they couldn't do any worse than the 'professional political establishment'".  Indeed, only an "outsider"....

....IS supposed to be "qualified," precisely because they don't know the first thing about politics and executive governance.

So when Jester Ben's well-dressed, empty-headed, full-of-himself boss stumbled down the stairs and pooped his pants on the most basic abortion question any bona fide pro-life candidate can get, it wasn't an epic disaster that will fill a thousand Hillary Clinton general election ads, it was the right answer because Donald Trump said it, the rules-re-writing answer, the OUTSIDER's answer that has already redefined pro-life rhetoric for all time going forward, right?

Not to hear "Gifted Hands" hypocritically and pathetically tell it:

“Bear in mind, I don’t believe that he was warned that that question was coming, and I don’t think he really had a chance to really think about it,” Carson, the retired neurosurgeon and former GOP presidential contender, told CNN’s Erin Burnett on Wednesday. [emphasis added]

What the [bleep]?  So Trump must be warned in advance of every question that is ever asked of him in all circumstances?  Including on abortion, which has been asked of every single Republican candidate at every level for the past forty three years?  And he's never thought about it nine months into his presidential bid?!?  The [bleep]?  We supposedly need an "outsider" in the highest office in the land but the bar has to be lowered to subterranean levels, even though it damn well won't be starting next January 20th?  Seriously?  [Bleep]ing [bleep]ity [bleep]-[bleep]!

“That happens very frequently, and you know, what you develop with experience is how to answer that in a way that is not definitive,” Carson said. “You know how politicians are. He has not really learned that — he’s not a politician.”… [emphasis added]

Bull[bleep].  The presidency isn't supposed to require on-the-job training, Doc.  ANYBODY can do it, remember?  If you're now finding, and/or admitting, otherwise, would it have killed Trump to do a little homework on the issue - like an actor rehearsing his lines - so that he could at least pretend to have some distinction between the pro-life stance, both his stubby-fingered-hands, his ass, and a flashlight?  This is GOP presidential candidate 101.  I've never sought elective office, and I know that much, for Chrissakes.

Carson, who has endorsed Trump, said that after that interview, Trump had time to huddle with his advisers and “come up with a more rational and informed type of answer.” [emphases added]

Recently, the Director accused me of harboring "anger and resentment" towards Donald Trump and his supporters.  I replied that I feel no such thing towards him or them, but rather that my disapprobation is comprised of rank incredulity combined with an acute impatience for suffering foolishness, and fools, willingly, much less gladly, and especially when I am told I must grant it and them "the benefit of the doubt" anyway with so much - the fate of the Republic itself, if you're a tiresome optimist and believe it still exists - at stake.  We're told that we must pretend that Trump is a conservative when it's incontrovertible that he is not; we're told to ignore or even celebrate his endless lies and dishonor and bullying and douchebaggery and other Clinton/Obama anti-character traits because "now we have a scoundrel of our own with whom we can 'win," like anybody with an "R" after their name will ever be allowed to do so by the various and sundry tentacles of the Left.  We're told that as bad as Trump might be, even he would "still be better than Hillary Clinton," when any objective assessment of a Trumpidency given the aforementioned factors clearly indicates that he would not be.  And we are told that the top job in national politics, the pinnacle, the American throne itself, not just can, but MUST be turned over to a rank-amateur who shit himself on the most basic question of the most oft-asked-about issue and only AFTERwards does he start preparing for it.

We will get a presidency in 24/7/365 crisis/damage control/drama mode, and we will LIKE it.

And now here comes Jester Ben to lamely ask for a mulligan.

[Bleep] you,  Ben.  Wake up and realize how you have completely debased yourself, your reputation, and everything you've ever claimed to stand for, and stop, for the love of God, STOP persisting in it on behalf of a leftwingnut charlatan that, even if he was genuine, is so godawful at the, yes, profession of politics that he makes Sharon Angle, Todd Aiken, Richard Mourdock, and the infamous Christine O'Donnell look like the rightwing dream team.

I want to like and respect you again, Dr. Carson.  But you have to meet me at least halfway.  And that's impossible from the bottom of a hole that's entering Earth's upper mantle.

UPDATE: I can't wait to hear Carson's excuse for this one:

[Wisconsin Governor Scott] Walker endorsed Ted Cruz this week, citing his record as a “consistent conservative.” In response, Trump blasted Walker for ignoring a $2.2 billion deficit for his own political gain, and then refusing to raise taxes to cover the shortfall. “There’s a $2.2 billion deficit and the schools were going begging and everything was going begging because he didn’t want to raise taxes ’cause he was going to run for president,” Trump told radio host Michael Koolidge. “So instead of raising taxes, he cut back on schools, he cut back on highways, he cut back on a lot of things.” [emphases added]

i.e. Why didn't he do what Mary Burke would have done?  Oh, I don't know, Donnie, maybe because Walk is a conservative Republican and you'te not.

You know how when Obama goes "off-prompter" he tends to lapse into what he really believes?  Trump does that 24/7, daily exposing himself to be the liberal Democrat conman that he is, and a third or more of the Republican electorate swoons in rapturous adoration.  And the Director wonders why my blood pressure problem persists.

Exit quote from Captain Ed:

That’s not a messaging problem; it’s an identity problem. And it’s not Trump’s problem — it’s a challenge for the identity of the GOP and its voters.

As far as it being a Waterloo, that depends in large part on New York, Pennsylvania, and California, the biggest prizes on the primary calendar after Wisconsin. Trump’s throwback to Rockefeller Republicanism will probably play well in those States, while still leaving Trump very little chance of winning those States in the general election. If so, that will be a Waterloo for Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party, and what will follow may leave movement conservatives, fiscal discipline, and the prospect of limited government out in the cold for a long, long time. [emphases added]

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