Friday, March 11, 2016

Chicago Protests Not About Trump

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Professional Protesters have arrived in Chicago, and scored a win for their efforts to silence opposition to liberal left politics because they believe their freedom of speech is more important than anyone else's, and all others must be silenced.

The claim of hate-speech is an attempt to silence opposition.  Trump's verbalized positions regarding immigration and the influx of terrorists through the import of Muslim migrants is the claimed reason for the protests in Chicago tonight, but the people accusing Trump of being a hater showed America their own version of disgusting hate tonight.  The hypocrisy of the liberal left was apparent to everyone, except them.

Anti-Trump protesters, some violent, pretty much all of them calling The Donald a racist, or chanting "Black Lives Matter," had nothing to do about Trump, and everything to do about the culture of intolerance and divide created by the Obama administration.  Donald Trump is the Republican Party front-runner, so he was the target.  If it had been Cruz in the lead, the same thing would have happened, but instead at a Cruz rally.  These people believe the propaganda they are being fed by the leftist establishment, and the tilted media coverage, which tells them that all Republicans are evil racist bigots . . . despite the fact that the argument is based on lies, bad politics, and is in reality a projection of Democrat Party candidate attributes.

Let me clarify a little more.  These people were taught to be agitators, in the style of Saul Alinsky, by the most famous Alinsky community organizer of all time, Barack Obama.  Obama has created division in this country, and if anyone dares disagree with the leftists, the result is violence, intolerance, and a call to silence those who dare to disagree with the leftist views.  This tonight was a direct result of the division, and hate, that Obama has caused.

They want violence.  They want riots.  They want revolution that will bring about their leftist age of socialism.  They think it is chic.  They prove, instead, that they are imbeciles.

Donald Trump cancelled the rally in Chicago under the advice of the police, as the animals of the left made fools of themselves, and this country.

Understand, the division and violence was not the fault of Trump, Cruz, or the GOP.  It was the fault of the sheep out there acting like animals because they've been trained to act like wild stooges by the Democrat Party, and the rhetoric that comes out of the Obama administration, and what these people have been taught by the education system, the media, and the entertainment industry.

The kind of violent agitators we saw in Chicago tonight do not come a dime a dozen.  These people remind us of the agitators that brought about the French Revolution, or the Bolsheviks who brought about the Russian Revolution. . . angry, violent, and trained to believe the same poppycock that has brought down a long list of republics in history - and fails every time.

The drive is social change and upheaval that reaches way beyond the mere community. The concept of community organizing at work here is a collectivist game, ignited by violence, fear, and the attempt to silence all opposition.  And, this protest has been in the plans long before Trump even emerged.  The plans to do this kind of thing to whoever the GOP front-runner was was planned over the last three years.  The liberal left believes they have America headed in the proper direction for their agenda, and they will do anything and everything to stop any opposition.  Dry runs have already happened, beginning with Ferguson, Missouri.

Saul Alinsky wrote, “The building of many mass power organizations to merge into a national popular power force cannot come without many organizers. . . organizations are created, in large part, by the organizer.”

Tonight's protest was the work of community organizers, socialists who know the Alinsky plan.  This was orchestrated carefully, and it has less to do with Trump, and more to do with the fundamental transformation of the United States.

Statism has convinced the public that it is they who care about community, while their opposition believes in the selfishness of psychotic individualism. Community efforts to accomplish fantastic humanitarian efforts are heavily populated by statists, and out of those efforts arise community organizers who may be destined to be the next great political organizer, and statist leader.

Community organizers do not emerge by accident. They are educated by other leaders in the statist movement, attending “long conferences on organizational problems, analysis of power patterns, communication, conflict tactics, the education and development of community leaders, and the methods of introduction of new issues.”

On the surface, these efforts are designed to seem harmless, but they are encouraged because of the nature of the argument surrounding them. After all, who is not for doing the things necessary to create a better community, while thwarting evil, racist, bigoted Republicans?

The statists are tireless, and patient.  This is only the beginning.  Therefore, we must engage the Left with our own community organizing.

Eternal vigilance is the key. We must understand the fight will never end, therefore we must not only do the best that we can do to defeat statism, but train up the next generation, and then hand off the baton to them when they are ready. An advocate for liberty is constantly educating, encouraging, and planning.

The idea of community organization, especially after watching a community organizer like Barack Obama reach the White House and inflict the damage he so easily accomplished, is on its surface repulsive to the average constitutionalist. Why would we wish to engage in an activity used for so much evil? Community organizers and agitators like we saw in Chicago tonight are the ground troops of statism, communitarianism, and socialism. Why would we want to be anything like them?

Without organization, we are nothing more than individual islands who make no mark. The English Colonies understood the importance of organizing into a larger unit. Individually, even though they were separate and sovereign States, they knew when it came to defending liberty they needed to unite. Their combined strength enabled them to defeat the British Empire during the Revolutionary War. Yet, while united and victorious, they found a way to also hang on to their autonomy and individuality as separate States.

Human nature is our enemy. It is in our nature to seek the path of least resistance. Defending liberty is hard work, and can even be dangerous.  Being angry and foolish, and led by the nose, like tonight's agitators, is easy.  Our instinct of self-preservation instructs us not to go in the direction that is necessary to fight against statism. We wish to call it a movement, instead of a fight, because we don’t like the discomfort of battle, and we don’t want to offend anyone along the way. We are told not to burn bridges, but to find common ground, if we can.  But, as you saw tonight, the fight is not one for the squeamish.  The liberal left is willing to do anything to win, including engage in thuggish tactics.

We have no common ground with the statists like tonight's agitators.  They know not what they do because they have bought into an ancient failed ideology that demands a temper tantrum when it seems like it might lose ground.  History reveals to us that the protesters screaming hate towards Trump, and his supporters, are nothing more than trained sheep.  

Statist agitators clothe their efforts in proclamations of peace, love, tolerance, diversity, multi-culturalism, and community, when in reality the goal is to silence the opposition angrily and violently.  They claim the other side is hateful, and racist, when it is them who are acting with hate, who are filled with violent anger, and who spew their own racial division.  They want the fires of violence.  They want stop their opposition, no matter what it takes.

Karl Marx believed that once communism was achieved, the big government system of socialism would fade away. But, in his theories, he admitted that the way to achieve utopia was by force, through big government control, violent statism and individualism-crushing bondage. Remember, with people like we saw tonight in Chicago, the ends justify the means, so there are no limits to what they are willing to do, and they become more emboldened to seek unsavory methods as the level of leftist power grows, and they believe they are within reach of the ultimate prize.
They are poking us in the chest, waiting for the Republicans to lash out, to fight back, so they can point fingers and say, "See?"

Trump's response was to follow the advice of police, cancel the event, and then spend some time on television making some very good statements.

He was careful not to feed the beast.

The Alinsky radical and agitator is a well-integrated schizoid, is narcissistic and arrogant, diplomatic while unbending, claims to be open-minded as long as you agree with him, and claims that the same old statism being offered is somehow a new and different form of change and hope. The statist community organizer wants power, and is willing to do all he can to achieve that power. But, the greatest attribute of the statist community organizer cannot be taught.

Be not fooled.  Tonight was well-orchestrated, and years in the planning.  It was planned for whoever was the leading candidate.  Tonight, the organized chaos turned out to be pointed at Trump.

By the way, as I watched television about this, whenever the newsman asked people why they wanted to shut down the rally tonight, over and over I heard, "I don't want to give my reasons."

Were they shipped in?  Were they simply brought in by organizers to make noise?  Or are they so uninformed that they don't even know why they are against Trump, other than acting in this manner because their Democrat Party handlers told them to?

Understand, their freedom of speech shut down someone else's freedom of speech.  Tolerance is only a one way street with these people. . . and they are not even willing to tell you why - nor do they even know why.

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