Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Donald Trump, The Movement

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Is the Trump Revolution about Donald Trump?  Or is it about sticking a stick in the spokes of the political machine that has created a fourth branch of government - the Administrative (Bureaucracy) Branch.

Is Trump for real? (note, at the end of the video I recognize the location of the freeway sign. . . it is about one off-ramp away from where I spent my teenage years in Corona).


Is it a movement?

You decide.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary


JASmius said...
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JASmius said...

How can you credibly pretend to be objective and tell readers, "You decide" when you're posting pro-Trump propaganda videos? I'm anti-Trump ***on constitutionalist grounds***, and I'm loud and proud about it. You're Trumplican with your deeds and your faux "benefit of the doubt" words hide it about as effectively as two pasties and a g-string.

Here's the question for readers to decide: Is Doug Gibbs a constitutionalist or is he anti-"establishment"? Because they are NOT one and the same thing.