Wednesday, March 09, 2016

FBI Investigates Itself In Robert LaVoy Finicium Shooting

by JASmius

For those of you who believe that Robert LaVoy Finicum was "murdered" rather than trying to go out in a martyrous blaze of misguided glory, this story should be of interest to you:

The shooting death of Robert "LaVoy" Finicum during the Oregon siege was deemed justified by investigators, but federal officials are now investigating the FBI after agents failed to report shots they fired during the confrontation.

The Oregonian reported that Finicum was in a white Dodge pickup when he raced toward a police roadblock on January 26th. Law enforcement fired on the car, at which time Finicum stopped, exited the vehicle, and was subsequently shot and killed by Oregon State officers.

Investigators from the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office accounted for six shots total, three from the AR-15 of a state trooper that hit the vehicle, and three that struck Finicum in his back.

Not nine, as others have reported on this site.

An additional bullet hole, found on the vehicle, did not match the others.

"The fourth round, police concluded, was fired by an FBI agent who subsequently twice denied to investigators ever firing his gun. As the investigation proceeded, detectives determined he also fired a second time, but didn't hit anything at the scene," wrote the Oregonian.

Because of the alleged non-disclosure, the U.S. [Injustice, Revenge & Coverup Commissariat]'s Office of Inspector General is now investigating the FBI.

Five agents from the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team were at the scene, and could face prosecution. [emphases added]

So there's that consolation for all you Bundymaniacs out there.  You're welcome.

Of course, you DO know that the video of the incident also showed Finicum taunting and sneering at the law enforcement officers:

"You do as you damn well please, we’re not going anywhere," he yells to the officers. "You can go ahead and shoot me, put the laser right there, put the bullet through the head. O.K., boys?"

Then, when they obliged, he actually acted as if he was surprised and shocked, got out of the pickup, and kept shouting "SHOOT ME!  SHOOT ME!"  Which suggests to me that he was either bluffing at first, didn't really believe the cops would open up on him and his friends - which doesn't line up with what militiamen believe about the "guvmint" - or plainly and simply had a deathwish.  One that the Oregon State troopers and FBI didn't have to oblige, but that he went out of his way to provoke.

You're welcome again.

Now that that preliminary is out of the way, I want to get to the far more interesting and entertaining story of  FBI Director James Comey's imminent termination by Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch for actually doing his original job versus serving as The One's hack, hatchman, and coverup capo:

FBI Director James Comey's famously independent streak is reportedly ruffling feathers at the White House on issues ranging from cybersecurity to rising crime rates — and the potentially explosive investigation of Hillary Clinton's email server.

The Republican, praised for standing up to the Bush Administration over a warrantless wiretapping program in 2004, may be proving more than Barack Obama bargained for, the Hill reports.

"He takes very seriously the fact that he works for the executive branch," Leo Taddeo, a former agent in the FBI's cyber division, tells the Hill.

"But he also understands the importance of maintaining his independence as a law enforcement agency that needs to give not just the appearance of independence but the reality of it." [emphasis added]

Begging the question of why The One has left a strong, independently-minded Republican in charge of his Regime's police apparatus when he hasn't done that anywhere else in the federal government.  You'd think he'd have wanted his equivalent of J. Edgar Hoover to serve as his Heinrich Himmler.  Maybe he thought Eric "The Red" Holder was enough.  In which case that seems to have been an (heh) "unwarranted" assumption.

In the [Rodham] email server probe, for example, Obama has publicly defended [Mrs.] Clinton, saying she "made a mistake" with the setup but that it wasn't "a situation in which America's national security was endangered."

Nearly as much as he himself has endangered it, that is.  Although the Ugly Dutchess is pretty close.

The Hill reports that Comey pushed back, saying [Obama] wouldn't have any knowledge of the probe, and Comey ensured lawmakers last week he's "very close, personally" to the investigation, the Washington Times reports.

The FBI director is proving he is "not attached to the strings of the White House," Ron Hosko, the former head of the FBI's criminal investigative division, tells the Hill, which characterizes him as a critic of Obama's law enforcement strategies.

According to the Hill, Hosko even suggests a showdown may be looming over potential criminal charges for [Mrs.] Clinton that could echo Comey's 2004 confrontation, when he rushed to a hospital to stop the Bush White House from renewing a warrantless wiretapping program while Attorney General John Ashcroft was gravely ill.

"He has that mantle," Hosko tells the Hill. "I think now there's this expectation — I hope it's a fair one — that he'll do it again if he has to."

Except, of course, that this time, Comey will not be trying to stop something, but get his superiors to start it - the criminal indictment and prosecution of Hillary Clinton.  And he will fail, and he will force the public confrontation, and be just as publicly fired for it....or he will knuckle under and become the sniveling yes-man the White House demanded that he be all along.

Here's hoping Director Comey does go out in a blaze of glory - but not as literally as Robert LaVoy Finicum did.

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