Thursday, March 10, 2016

Florida Governor Rick Scott Kicked Off "Dhimmi Joe"

by JASmius

Consider this a taste of that to which every actual Republican is going to be subjected over the (if we're lucky) next eight months and (if we're not), the four years after that:

Florida Governor Rick Scott was only on MSNBC's Morning Joe program for about three minutes when co-host Mika Brzezinski, angered because he would not answer a question whether he agrees with "GOP" presidential candidate Donald Trump's assertion that "Islam hates" the United States, cut his mic and went to commercial.

The blowup started when show host Joe Scarborough asked Scott if he would tell his "friend, Donald Trump, that he should walk back his statements that Muslims, that Islam, hates America. Do you think Muslims in the state of Florida hate America?"

But instead of answering the question, Scott, who has not named an endorsement in the presidential race, began to talk about Florida being a "melting pot." [emphases added]

My God, this is frustrating even to read and watch.

First of all, that smarmy "your friend, Donald Trump" crap, even though Governor Scott has not issued any endorsement.  There's no grounds for such an affront, and yet it gets shoved in the Florida chief executive's face anyway.  As it will every damned last one of us, in or out of elective office, regardless of whether you're sold out to Trump or resolutely opposed him to the bitter end and beyond.  Why?  Because he'll be the face of the "Republican" Party.  One size fits all, no matter how untrue that is.  Which is why I'll go independent myself, something I never imagined I'd ever be put in the position of having to do.   But here we are.

Then, Scarborough and Brzezinski and their loaded question: "Do you think Muslims hate America?"  That isn't the right question to ask, and ropes in Governor Scott's ducking of it, which was so completely unnecessary.  There was a far better and more straightforwardly insightful answer to it than "melting pots" - in which you will never find a cultural imperialist Muzzie, by the way.  It goes like this: "Do you think they don't?"  Even more to the point, S&B's question lacks specificity; if they're talking about Muslim apostates who reject the Qu'ran's core teachings of "killing the infidels wherever you find them" and "conquering the world for Allah" - the Muslim "Great Commission" - then no, those Muslims don't hate America.  If, however, they're referring to Islamic Fundamentalists, who DO follow the Qu'ran's core teachings and doctrine, then yes, they do.  With a fiery, violent passion.

The irony of the link between these two points is that Trump doesn't believe a single, solitary syllable of anything he's said about Muslims, just like everything else he's said in this campaign (outside of leftwing talking points).  He has been since the day he declared his candidacy last June 16th a New York liberal pretending to be a conservative by telling Republican voters what every liberal thinks a conservative wants to hear.  He's a parody candidate, personifying the leftwing caricature and stereotype of what a conservative is.

And the depressing part is that it has largely worked.  Which means that either the Left has been right about a lot of us all along, or a lot of us have been won over to it in the most astonishing display of unwitting, self-imposed Stockholm Syndrome that I may have ever witnessed.

Either way, this is what T.R.U.M.P.ers are in for if "their friend" wins the nomination and the Trumpidency of the United States of Trump.  A journey on which I will not be accompanying them.

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