Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday, 2016

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Easter is this coming Sunday, making today Good Friday.  We must remember that Good Friday signifies the event that defines Christianity. Around the globe Christians are observing a remembrance of the last supper, Christ's prayer in the Garden, His crucifixion, and Jesus Christ's resurrection. On Good Friday Christians recognize the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, a death on a Roman Cross that concludes in the complete joy of Christ's Easter morning resurrection.

This is a time to recall and reflect upon the enormity of Jesus' passion and death, and to celebrate the believer's redemption from sin and victory over death.

The empty tomb, then and now, has been a constant scandal, as well as a lightning rod of controversy. Many have attempted to disprove it, for the implications of that empty tomb are massive.

Feel free to learn more about the gift Jesus Christ has given us through his death by joining the celebration at a local church this weekend. Worship Services will be held around the nation to celebrate Christ's triumph over death, and to celebrate His enormous gift to humanity.

"He is Risen, He is Risen."

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