Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Take Their Guns

By Douglas V. Gibbs

It has never been a secret that among the many items dotting the landscape of liberal left Democrat wannabe policies, gun control, and ultimately gun confiscation, is among the most desired.  However, the gun culture is so deep in the United States, going after guns has always been a losing issue for the Democrat Party.  During the Obama administration, the accusations of gun violence (and the cry for gun control) has reached a crescendo (thanks to a complicit media), and so leftist statist Democrats think they've gotten to the point in our history that they can begin to finally begin eating away at our right to keep and bear arms.

In the 2016 race for the Democrat Party nomination for President, Hillary Clinton has been ramping up her rhetoric against the National Rifle Association (NRA). During a town hall meeting in Durham, North Carolina, she said, “I will take on the gun lobby.… It is time, my friends, [to] stand together and say enough.”

Enough of what?  Shootings by individuals who are nuts?  How is that the fault of law-abiding citizens?  The liberal left blames guns for the violent decisions made by bad individuals, and want to take guns away from gun owners in response.  That's like wanting to take away everyone's driver's licenses because of the drunks on the road.

The uninformed and socialist-minded are on board with Clinton’s anti-gun agenda. These emotion-baiters (gun-phobes?) shed crocodile tears, using the tragedies of those killed in shootings for political reasons, to push an agenda - which, in my opinion, shows disgusting disrespect for those victims and their families. How dare they use those deaths for a political agenda.  Democrats, however, are willing to use anything they can to push their agenda, not much unlike Muslim jihadists using women and children as human shields.

For the panting leftist crowds who flock to her rallies, Hillary Clinton is feeding the beast, outlining an updated and refined agenda designed to heat up tempers, and possibly get her elected as president. 

In her speeches, she is claiming she will:

• Reinstate her husband’s ban on assault weapons, enacted in 1994 but allowed to expire 10 years later because of its ineffectiveness;

• Provide more federal aid (and strings) to “support” local police departments;

• Expand domestic violence to include not just married people, but also anyone dating someone, as well;

• Pass a bill repealing the ban on suing gun manufacturers over illegal use of their products by criminals;

• Turn gun hobbyists into gun dealers by redefining just how many guns a hobbyist is allowed to sell privately before having to register with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF); and

• Close the “Charleston loophole,” referring to the current rule that if a background check hasn’t been completed within three days, that the purchase is allowed to be completed. The criminal who gunned down churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, was allowed to purchase his weapon after three days when the FBI hadn’t blocked the purchase within the three-day period.

Clinton's anti-gun agenda doesn't care that the private ownership of firearms in America is skyrocketing.  Polls show a rise in support for the NRA, and Americans believe gun policies that encourage gun ownership makes all Americans safer.

Despite the push against guns by the Democrats, our culture has been shifting back towards favoring gun ownership, and the NRA.  Chris Cox, the NRA’s chief lobbyist noted: “Poll results are even more striking given the negative attacks leveled at our organization during the last several months by President Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, [Hillary] Clinton, and other anti-gun elites who leverage vast media conglomerates to do their bidding. That a majority of Americans are able to see through the propaganda shows how much anti-gunners continue to underestimate the NRA.”

A poll conducted by the anti-gun establishment ABC/Washington Post following the shooting in San Bernardino, California, showed a majority opposed a reinstatement of Bill Clinton's "assault weapon" ban. Back in 1994, support for the ban touched 80 percent. Now it’s just 45 percent.

Hillary Clinton's message does not resonate in today's culture where Americans are increasingly becoming pro-gun.
The fact is, anti-gun policies have always been a losing issue for the Democrats, and just because they think they have a little wind behind their sails because of their false sense that Obama is somehow popular, and has himself been railing against gun ownership, it does not mean it will bode well for the Democrats if they continue to push an anti-gun agenda.  In fact, if Hillary's rhetoric against guns gets any louder, it may begin to hurt her as much as the fact that voters don't trust her, and she may very well be on the verge of going to prison over the email server scandal.

Of course, if Hillary Clinton did achieve banning guns, she would still surround herself with men with guns. . . because deep down she knows that good guys with guns are the best way to stop bad guys with guns.

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