Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Incarcerated SuperDelegate

by JASmius

Nothing much changed in the Democrat nomination race last night.  Mrs. Clinton won big in Florida and the other four States were a wash.  She maintained her modest earned delegate lead and is still reliant upon the SuperDuperDelegates as her ace-in-the-hole.  Will she belatedly enter four-corners mode now and start triangulating for the general campaign beyond?  Follow Trump's example and blow off any more debates with Weekend Bernie (and thus cut off the supply of GOP attack-ad fodder)?  Get criminally indicted in Emailgate?  We'll see.

It should come as no surprise, though, that one (and if you think former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is the only one, you haven't been paying attention to La Clinton Nostra over the past quarter-century AND you don't know Democrats) of those SuperDelegates in her majesty's "pile" is already a convicted felon and is soon headed for the graybar hotel:

Once one of the most powerful Democrats in the State, former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has long been a member of the Democrat National Committee. Despite his conviction on federal corruption charges, he’s still a DNC member and is entitled to his superdelegate slot.

The Point has learned that Silver has not resigned from the prestigious DNC post, so the party, which doesn’t have an official process for removing members who are felons, is trying to figure out how to oust him.

If not, the hot potato will go to the DNC credentials committee, which will have to decide whether to seat Silver at the convention. [emphasis added]

Does anybody buy that Silver's case is a "hot potato"?  'Cause it isn't.  The only reason why it might ever matter is if the Philadelphia convention came down to turning on his vote, and the consequent PR symbolism of "Jailbird puts candidate facing criminal indictment over the top".  And the Empress has close to two-thirds of the Dems' SuperDuperDelegates in hand already.

So Silver will be seated at the convention in absentia and will either cast his vote or not.  It will have no bearing on the ultimate outcome, the media, naturally, won't play it up, Hillary won't give a frog's fat leg about accepting the nod of a fellow criminal, and it won't be either a historical footnote.or even make a single additional news cycle ever again.

There was a time, decades ago, when a story like this might have had an electoral impact.  But character stopped mattering in American politics with the Clintons' original entrance to the national stage, and now doesn't matter in either party, so that Rubicon has long since faded from the metaphorical rear-view mirror.

Pity We the People are bound, gagged, and locked in the trunk.

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