Monday, March 21, 2016

Iran To Build Monument To Celebrate Capture Of U.S. Sailors

by JASmius

I'm assuming that Barack Obama will dedicate it on his "historic" state visit to the Islamic Empire:

Two months after Iran captured ten U.S. sailors in the Persian Gulf, it has announced plans to build a monument to remember the incident.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard, reports, will construct "a symbol" of the tense January 12th incident within an existing monument.

"There are very many photographs of the major incident of arresting U.S. Marines in the Persian Gulf in the media, and we intend to build a symbol out of them inside one of our naval monuments," said Ali Fadavi, who leads the Guard's naval forces.

So it could have been even more egregious an affront as a separate monument all unto itself, rather than just a wing of an already existing edifice.  I'm guessing they're saving the really big monument for after they EMP us back to the Stone Age, to say nothing of wiping Israel off the map.  Although the latter may be tougher and more problematic than the mullahs think, because the Israelis are actually serious, actually defend themselves, and actually possess national honor and self-respect.  And they don't have a boner for jihadists and a treasonous screw loose, either.

You know what?   The mullahs should celebrate and commemorate.  They scored a hugely symbolic "strong horse" victory over us because we were damnfool enough to elect a hardecore jihadi-symp not once, but twice, and as the old saying goes and has never been more terrifyingly borne out, "elections have consequences".  In this case.....

....terminal ones.

Maybe they'll put a statue of The One in front of this memorial.  Might as well dispense credit where credit is due.

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