Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Iranians Conduct Flurry Of New Illegal Missile Tests

by JASmius

Right in front of us.  While pointing and laughing.  With nary a care in the world.

Or, in other words, business as usual:

Iran conducted multiple ballistic missile tests on Tuesday in what it said was a display of "deterrent power," defying U.S. sanctions just imposed earlier this year to try to disrupt its missile program, reported Agence France Presse.

Looks like it didn't work.  Unlike airstrikes, which could have.

State media announced that short-, medium- and long-range precision guided missiles were fired from several sites to show the country's "all-out readiness to confront threats" against its territorial integrity.

By violating the "threats'" territorial integrity.

Pictures of the launches were broadcast and reports said the armaments used had ranges of 300 kilometers (190 miles), 500 km, 800 km and 2,000 km.

The United States hit Iran with fresh sanctions on its missile program in January, twenty-four hours after separate sanctions related to Tehran's nuclear activities had been lifted under a "landmark deal" with world powers [and the United States].

The State [Commissariat] said on Tuesday if reports of fresh Iranian ballistic missile tests are confirmed it planned to....

Yeah, yeah....

....raise the issue at the U.N. Security Council and push for an "appropriate response."

"We're aware of and following closely the reports that Iran has just conducted several ballistic missile tests," said State [Commissariat] spokes[androgyne] Mark Toner, saying that such tests would not violate the July 14th Iran nuclear agreement. "If confirmed, we intend to raise the matter in the U.N. Security Council." [emphasis added]

OOOOOH.  And maybe fire off a politely worded letter to the mullahs to boot to replenish their supply of scratch paper and drinking glass coasters.

"We will also encourage a serious review of the incident and press for an appropriate response," toner added. "We also continue to aggressively apply our unilateral tools to counter threats from Iran's missile program." [emphases added]

Such as what?  I can't even begin to guess what that might constitute, because this bunch doesn't do ANYTHING unilaterally except concentrate domestic power in Barack Obama's hands and violate the Constitution.  On the back of which they'll probably print that politely-worded letter to the mullahs.

"We're aware"...."following reports closely"...."raise the matter in the U.N. Security Council"...."encourage a serious review"....."press for an appropriate response".....all while denying that they've already completely shredded The One's infernal "deal" and pretty much every U.N. Security Council resolution that has ever been passed against them.  With utter and complete impunity.  How pathetically small we've become as a nation, a one-time great power, world power, global superpower, and benevolent planetary hegemon, when the "appropriate response" - invading Iran and enforcing "regime change" in Tehran - has been sitting there right in front of us for years, and it doesn't even occur to American leadership or the American voting public.  And so we sit here, making concession after concession to the mullahs, giving away the proverbial store and more, looking the other way as they violate every agreement, every deal, making excuses for them.  And all the while they keep building, building, building....until the day when they strike....

....and we die.

Maybe O will send a strongly-worded letter to the Mullahs after that.  But probably on the back of the Declaration of Independence.  He'll start working his way through the Federalist Papers after that.

UPDATE: The TOTALLY PEACEFUL illegal Iranian missiles had "ישראל צריכהלהימחק מדפיההיסטוריה" ("Israel should be wiped from the pages of history") stamped on their sides.  Beats me why they didn't use "will - soon" instead of  "should".

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