Thursday, March 31, 2016

ISIS In Brussels: Built By the USA

by Anita in Canada

After reading, it is apparent that the truth is finally coming out. Yes USA created ISIS! Actually there are NOW over 40 countries supplying money, arms and ammunition to ISIS. And buying their stolen oil and gas. But it all started with USA. So, yes, it will be pretty hard to unseat ISIS. The world revolves around oil and gas and war. And round and round it goes. Bush was the first architect of ISIS with the World Trade Towers coming down. Everything snowballed after that. Israel fits in here but I do not understand that part. Everyone is at the same time a friend and an enemy to everyone else. Round and Round. We call the Muslims the Great Satan cause their god is Satan (pedophilia, honor killings, sharia, lying, stealing). Many countries call USA the Great Satan cause USA lives for war and intruding on other countries governments and trying to implement who the Presidents of those countries should be. See Obama and Trudeau as an example. Yet no country has ever tried to unseat the USA president. Obama tried to unseat Netanyahu but the people of Israel were smarter than Obama. The media are paid off to keep us all in the dark about these things. And make it look like it is someone else's fault there is all this murder and war going on. Putin seems to be the wild card in all this. And yes, Russia is part of the ISIS merry-go-round. Willing or unwilling we don't know. IMHO I think Putin will come out of this smelling like a rose. I further think Putin will try to be the peace maker. Remains to be seen. Nothing will change until Obama is out of there. And even when he is out, he will still be meddling in the world affairs - gotta protect and finance his Muslim brothers. Which brings up another question - how will Obama support the Muslims without access to all that USA money. So you see, this is why all the elite in USA do not want Donald Trump to win. Chances are Donald does not want to be involved with this evil game that many people are making millions off of.

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