Monday, March 07, 2016

La Clinton Nostra To Blackmail Flint, Michigan, Into Backing Hillary

by JASmius

Here's the windup....:

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver and former first daughter Chelsea [Mezvinsky] announced a new program Sunday — the Flint WaterWorks initiative — which will provide the city’s youth with jobs to directly help families affected by the water crisis.

Through the program, young adults will be given jobs distributing clean water, healthy food and nutrition information and services to families. They also will help make “Flint’s water infrastructure safe,” Weaver said, by aiding her Fast Start initiative to remove all lead and lead-tainted service lines in the city.

According to Weaver, the Flint WaterWorks initiative was developed in "partnership" with [tada!] Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, whose team "helped" the mayor establish the "public-private partnership" program. [emphasis added]

....and the pitch:

The initiative is being started with a $500,000 contribution from J.B. and M.K. Pritzker to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

So La Clinton Nostra didn't kick in a single red cent of their own immense, ungodly, ill-gotten, graft-ridden fortune, and the ones who did are long-time Clintonoids, whose sister is - surprise! - Barack Obama's Commerce Commissar.

“For my mother and for me, this is not political,” Chelsea [Mezvinsky] said at a news conference. [emphasis added]

“It is deeply personal and I think it should be personal to every American. … (We want) to see the children of Flint as our children and to see the youth in Flint, as the mayor says, as being a promising youth for Flint and really our country.”

Yes, my friends, the stench of this transparently mafia-esque faux do-gooder stunt is at standard Clintonoid overpowering levels....

I'll just ask the one question that punctures this whole phony-baloney, plastic banana bubble of self-righteous-for-the-cameras pseudo-piety: If Flint's Mayor hadn't whored herself out to La Clinton Nostra, would the latter have put together this "partnership" anyway?  Or would they have contacted other operatives in their network to resume pouring more lead and other contaminants into Flint's water supply for the Obama EPA to studiously ignore, and maybe finally get GOP Governor Rick Snyder recalled?

Kind of a win-win for the Empress, isn't it?

Gosh, I just love questions that answer themselves.

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