Friday, March 18, 2016

Manufactured Chaos

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Every four years we hear talk about a brokered convention.  Oh, wait, they changed it.  Now they are calling it a "contested" convention.  Creates more of an image of division and civil war within the party.  The leaders of the Republican Party, we hear each time, will force a candidate onto the ticket, despite the voters wishes, creating doom for the party, and the end of the GOP as we know it.  Except. . . it's not true.  It's manufactured, largely by the leftist media and the Democrats.

If you are the Democrats, and you think you might not be able to beat the opposition in the next election, you manufacture division and let them destroy themselves, and then walk right into the White House by stepping over their corpses.  It works so well, you can even do it with a candidate that nobody trusts, and is being threatened with prison time for treasonous email usage.

The Republicans fall for it every time.  And they are now.

Donald Trump helped with the process.  Whether he is a knowing participant, I am not sure.  But, the scenario has presented itself, and the statists are all over it.

I suppose the "contested" convention is a possibility.  It is possible that the "hate-Trump" train, launched by the Left, and boarded by gullible conservatives, may inspire enough support for Mr. Cruz that the liberal left statists get the chaos they want. . . but usually it just turns out to tick off enough GOP voters to refuse to vote in disgust, and allow the Democrats to walk freely into the White House - again.

If the Republicans do not unite behind a candidate, even if the candidate is not exactly what they want, the Democrats will continue their destruction of the American System.  Simple as that.  They manufacture crisis, and the Right jumps aside in a knee-jerk reaction just as the leftists hoped they would.

In short, every four years the conservatives who refuse to vote for a candidate or flip out because there is "chaos" in the GOP are tools.  They are tools the Democrat Party is wielding as they desire.

Refusal to unite behind the lead candidate will assuredly put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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JASmius said...

Nominating Donald Trump will accomplish the same thing.