Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Marco Rubio's Swansong

by JASmius

I reject his hind-sighted criticisms of the conservative movement, especially given his conspicuous departures from conservative orthodoxy, but his knocking of Trump's fearmongering and divisiveness hit the bullseye.

And it's still not a two-man race, since John Kasich won Ohio.  And Ted Cruz is now 225 delegates behind. with Missouri's 52 winner-take-all delegates still up in the air.  If he falls short there, his deficit will have almost tripled in one night; if he can pull out the Show-Me State, he will have relatively limited the damage and still be in the running.

Exit question: Rubes only ran for the Senate in order to run for president.  He's quitting his Senate seat, and his presidential bid fizzled.  What does he do now?  Run for governor?  What for, since it would be of no more use as a stepping stone than his senate seat was?  Maybe he can hit the motivational speaking circuit.  He seems to have a talent for it, other than motivating people to vote for him.

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