Friday, March 11, 2016

Michelle Fields Files Criminal Battery Charges Against Trump Campaign Chief

by JASmius

First, Corey Lewandowski beat up the Breitbart News reporter at a Trump rally in Jupiter, Florida, on Tuesday, which was witnessed by a fellow reporter who publicly corroborated her account of the incident.  Then Lewandowski admitted it, but tried to hide behind the excuse that he "didn't know" Miss Fields and thought she was an Obamedia reporterette, as though that would have justified almost body-slamming her.  A day later he withdrew even that partial mea culpa, denied the whole thing, and accused her of making it all up - fully backed up by Trump himself, naturally - which is what prompted Miss Fields to tweet out the above picture.

One can only imagine the orgasmic happy-dances being performed by La Clinton Nostra oppo researchers whose "war on women" meme is being super-charged like Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, did Iron Man's suit in Avengers I.  One might also expect Trump to take such adverse eventualities into account and quickly get his bouncer/"campaign manager" under control and give him his marching orders to get back out there and apologize immediately - or just fire his ass.

But of course not - that would be "weak" and "bowing to political correctness".  So Trump and Lewandowski doubled-down instead.

That was a mistake:

A reporter for the conservative website Breitbart News filed a criminal complaint on Friday against Republican presidential [candidate] Donald Trump's campaign manager, saying he grabbed her arm at a rally with such force that he left bruises.

A police report released on Friday showed that the reporter, Michelle Fields, said she was the victim of battery on Tuesday night at Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida, where Trump spoke after that day's contests in the race to nominate the party's candidate for the November 8th presidential election.

There is photographic evidence of her physical injury; there is an eyewitness to the crime; and the defendant has already confessed to it.

C-SPAN has incontrovertible audio/video evidence as well:

Doesn't this have to be pretty close to an open-and-shut case?  And why would Trump want to show loyalty to this thug and incur such a PR headache that will have long legs and stamina looking ahead to the summer and fall?  He's going to be under enough nuclear media fire once he has the GOP nomination in hand as it is without adding "Lewandowskigate" to it.

Doesn't matter.  Any apology or decency or accountability would be "weak" and "politically correct," and that Rubicon was passed almost as soon as Miss Fields was jackknifed to the floor.  What else can you expect from thugs, right?

But far more should be expected from his perfidious devilspawn ex-conservative cultists, however:

And yet the Trump apologists are undeterred. While Breitbart (Trump Pravda) demanded an apology from Lewandowski “if” he grabbed Fields, its PR consultant, Kurt Bardella, also reportedly demanded that Fields “get your boyfriend [the Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein] under control” after he tweeted the following statements.

Trump always surrounds himself w thugs. Tonight thug Corey Lewandowski tried to pull my gf @MichelleFields to ground when she asked tough q

Say what you will abt Bush or even Obama. They would never tolerate this type of thuggery toward women 

"Under control"?  Getting Jamie Weinstein "under control" would apply to a scenario where he was coming after Lewandowski with an assault rifle, or an ax, or a sledgehammer, or his bare, strangling hands.  These are two, spot-on accurate Tweets that contained no retaliatory threats of any kind.

Kindly shut the bleep up, Mr. Bardella.

But this....

Apparently, the woman herself denies it. (Because it didn't happen.) 

"The woman herself" does NOT deny it.  It DID happen.  She's filing criminal charges.  She's got proof, an eyewitness, video, audio, photographic.  Open and shut.

What is that matter with THIS woman?  This Tweet is delusional AND despicable.  What the hell has happened to her?

I know my KMET broadcast colleague Alex Ferguson might not appreciate this, because he's an avowed fanboy of hers, but if Chris Christie is Donald Trump's bouncer/pool boy, and Ben Carson is his new butler, Ann Coulter is his anorexic concubine.  And there is never a time, it would appear, when her bitten ankles aren't in the ol' stirrups.

What has happened to Ann Coulter?  To Breitbart?  To Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham and Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore and so many other one-time conservative stalwarts who have been assimilated into the Trump Collective?  When will this blast-wave decimation of the conservative movement end?

At least we survivors will have the consolation of Corey Lewandowski having to learn not to drop the soap.

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