Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Millennials Getting Mugged By Reality

by JASmius

"What?  What do you mean, WE have to pay for all that [bleep]?  Are your [bleep]ing kidding me?":

Are millennials ushering in a sea change of public opinion? Do they signal the transformation of the United States into a [Soviet socialist dictatorship of the proletariat].....?

The expanded social welfare state Sanders thinks the United States should adopt requires everyday people to pay considerably more in taxes. Yet millennials become averse to social welfare spending if they foot the bill. As they reach the threshold of earning $40,000 to $60,000 a year, the majority of millennials come to oppose income [theft], including raising taxes to increase financial assistance to the poor.

Similarly, a Reason-Rupe poll found that while millennials still on their parents’ health-insurance policies supported the idea of paying higher premiums to help cover the uninsured (57%), support flipped among millennials paying for their own health insurance with 59% opposed to higher premiums.

When tax rates are not explicit, millennials say they’d prefer larger government offering more services (54%) to smaller government offering fewer services (43%). However when larger government offering more services is described as requiring high taxes, support flips and 57% of millennials opt for smaller government with fewer services and low taxes, while 41% prefer large government.

Millennials wouldn’t be the first generation to flip-flop. In the 1980s, the same share (52%) of baby boomers also supported bigger government, and so did Generation Xers (53%) in the 1990s. Yet, both baby boomers and Gen Xers grew more skeptical of government over time and by about the same magnitude. Today, only 25% of boomers and 37% of Gen Xers continue to favor larger government. [emphases added]

No matter what the culture inculcates and the socialized education collective indoctrinates, human nature remains human nature, and it is fundamentally self-centered.  Which means when young people are the beneficiaries of federal goodies ripped from the hides of everybody else, they will support it happily and enthusiastically, but as soon as it's their hides who get ripped and syphoned to subsidize others, suddenly it's not so fun anymore and they become "right-wing extremists" with a vertigo-inducing vapor trail, without even realizing it....

....and Donald Trump is driving millennials out of the GOP in droves, utterly and completely squandering conservatism's opportunity for yet another generation.

Kinda makes millennial support for "universal" health care and concurrent opposition to ObamaCare, and their professed hatred of political parties but support of Congress look almost rational by comparison, doesn't it?

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