Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Missouri's GOP Senate Kicks Ass On Religious Freedom

by JASmius

This, Senator McConnell, is how it's done:

The GOP-led Missouri Senate has given initial approval to a proposal to amend the Missouri Constitution to provide further religious protections for those objecting to [sodo]marriage.

The 23-9 vote Wednesday came after Republicans broke a more than thirty-hour Democrat filibuster.

The measure would prohibit government penalties against business owners and individuals who cite a "sincere religious belief" while declining to provide services involving "expressional or artistic creation" for s[odo]weddings.

It also would shield clergy and worship places that decline to participate in such "weddings".

The measure needs a second vote of approval to move to the House.

You were probably thinking the same thing I was - Jay Nixon, the Democrat governor, will veto this bill seconds after it receives final legislative approval.

Show Me State Senate Republicans anticipated that, too:

The Missouri proposal, which could go before voters later this year, highlights the tension between [special] rights and religious liberties that still exist in many parts of the nation following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling last year that [illegally forc]ed s[odo]marriage [o]n all States.

Though it doesn't list specific protected businesses, the measure comes after bakers and florists have faced legal challenges in other states for declining to provide services for s[odo]weddings.

"No one should be compelled to make a work with their own hands that's offensive to their beliefs," Republican Senator Bob Onder said. [emphasis added]

Enraged Democrats trotted out their usual bogus black civil rights struggle of the mid-twentieth century parallel argument that should enrage the #BlackLivesMatter movement for how grotesquely insulting it is.  Maybe they'll get around to it after they've completed their overthrow of the United States government and planned white genocide.

We have every reason to believe that this ballot measure will pass overwhelmingly in Missouri, just as all equivalent such State ballot measures against sodomarriage passed overwhelmingly a decade ago, and will, just as they were, be injuncted within seconds of enactment by the Gaystapo and run up the federal judiciary to Olympus, where Justice Anthony "Swinger" Kennedy is tanned, rested, and ready to cram it right up Show Me voters' bungholes.

Not much Missouri Senate 'Pubbies can do about that.  But at least they will have done all they can do.  Which, of course, won't save them from vilification by Missouri Tea Partiers for not "FIGHT!  FIGHT!  FIGHT!"ing hard enough.  Maybe President Trump will sign an eminent domain executive order seizing the Missouri capitol building and converting it into a luxury condo high-rise.  That'd make their dreams come true.

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