Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mr. Constitution Unites With Colleagues at Conservative Conference

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Last Saturday's Unite IE Conservative Conference is in the rearview mirror, but it was a fantastic event.

Looking at the pictures, I realized how it is amazing how many people I know who I've never met.  For years Tim "Loki" Kerlin and I were very good friends, and constitutional warriors in arms, yet never once did we meet in person.  Technology has allowed such an interesting thing to exist in our lives, where we use the phone, email, SKYPE, and other internet tools to talk face to face, yet never be able to physically shake hands.  And, in some cases, there are those I have met in person, yet still 90% of our contact is through technology as well.  Even my longtime friend, co-host on Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs on KMET 1490-AM, and writer on this website, JASmius, is someone I have never had the opportunity to meet in person.

At the 2016 Unite IE Conservative Conference last Saturday there were a few opportunities for me to meet with people I see rarely, or I have known for years, but never had the blessed opportunity to shake the hand of.  Here's some pictures from the event in no particular order.

Here I am with Daniel Smith, a United States Marine
who recently (14 months ago) joined the ranks of civilians.  He is
fast becoming a valuable asset to my efforts regarding
the United States Constitution.  Daniel is also a
regular attendee of my Temecula Constitution Class.

Ed and Storm have been longtime supporters of my efforts
through the Constitution Association,
and are regular attendees at my Corona Constitution Class.

Here I am with my table beside me, showing off my books, some hats, bumper stickers, and
some framed images (mostly of guns).

This is Alex Ferguson, one of the co-hosts with me on
Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs on KMET 1490-AM.  You can see
The Constitution Quest Game to his right (your left) on the table.

This is Alfonzo "Zo" Rachel, with me.  He is a longtime friend,
who I've known since 2007. . . but this was the first time we had
the chance to meet in person.  He's one of those few people who
turns out to be exactly as you expect when you meet them in person.  He's
a stand-up conservative who blew the roof off with his presentation in the

Some of the volunteers on Saturday,
from left to right, Cherie, my wife Virginia, Suzanne, and George.  George
and Suzanne are longtime supporters of what I do, and were instrumental to
getting me on AM radio back in 2011.  George is the Constitution Association's
Treasurer.  Suzanne and Cherie are both on the advisory board of the
Constitution Association.  Cherie joined our efforts less than a year ago.

My good friend Evan Sayet on Stage.  As always, he had the crowd in stitches
with his comedic act.  He is a former writer for Bill Maher (that's enough to turn
anyone conservative), and now he's a stand-up conservative comedian.

Evan Sayet has become quite a good friend over the last couple years.
I teased him earlier before this picture was taken because when he first showed up
at the Fox Performing Arts Theater in Riverside, he was not looking
all dressed up.  "You clean up nicely," I said, once I saw him in his red tie
(and dark blue jacket - not shown).  Have you read Evan's book?
Learn more at

Father Josiah Trenham is becoming a very good friend.  I am always
blessed when I have the opportunity to spend time with him.  He is a
Greek Orthodox priest, and a very patriotic American.  He is amazed at
my ability, with the schedule I have, to still somehow pump out books.
He's quite the prolific writer, himself.

Gang of buddies.  In front, that's Nam Horn and Evan Sayet.  Nam is
Vice President of the California Women's Republican Federated.
Nam's husband begins the back row.  From left to right:
Jim Horn (author of many books on Islam),
Frank Gaffney (founder and president of the Center for Security Policy),
Alfonzo "Zo" Rachel (Video maker extraordinaire, and drummer for
his band, "Twenty Pound Sledge"
Anne Marie Murrell (from Politichicks, and co-author of "What Women Really Want."
 I know her through the American Freedom Alliance),
Trevor Loudon (New Zealand author, speaker and political activist who
has immigrated to America to help save the shining city on the hill,
working on the movie, "Enemies Within."  His book is by the same title.)
John L. Hancock (good friend, colleague, and fellow author. . .
Liberty and Prosperity is his latest book,
In front of John Hancock is Don Dix's wife, and in the blue shirt is
Don Dix (head of Unite I.E., Corona Chapter Leader of Act! for America,
Radio Host on 590AM The Answer)

And finally, here I am with Trevor Loudon, another person who I've
had the chance to get to know, but this was the first time we had the
chance to meet in person.

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