Friday, March 25, 2016

NBA Encourages Transexual Mental Illness

By Douglas V. Gibbs

While the Democrats call standing against a mental illness like transgenderism "discrimination," the reality is that the political left are encouraging a sickness regarding sexuality that is worsening with each passing day.  For fear of being accused of bigotry by the liberal left who are using homosexuality and transgenderism for their own political advancements (making gays and transgender people nothing more than political tools that will be tossed aside), the NBA has decided to change the location of the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, North Carolina as a response to a new state-wide law that forces all people to use the bathroom assigned to their biological sex. The bill, quickly signed into law by Republican governor Pat McCrory, overturns municipal bills that have emerged allowing a person to choose the bathroom of what gender they believe themselves to be at the moment.

"The NBA is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for all who attend our games and events. We are deeply concerned that this discriminatory law runs counter to our guiding principles of equality and mutual respect and do not yet know what impact it will have on our ability to successfully host the 2017 All-Star Game in Charlotte.”

The encouragement for people to be the gender they "feel" they are at the moment is not a case of being inclusive, it is a harmful encouragement of a mental illness that leads to worse decisions in one's life, which often includes suicidal tendencies.

The Charlotte Hornets has been looking to improve their branding.  The team is owned by Michael Jordan.

The league joins several other corporations with North Carolina ties, including American Airlines and IBM, in expressing their misguided concerns over the law that in the long run is causing more damage to people's lives than they are willing to recognize, or admit.

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