Monday, March 14, 2016

Not Worth $15 Per Hour

By Douglas V. Gibbs

"Fu** you!  Democratic Socialism is the revolution.  Feel the Bern!"

So said a punk kid after observing the "Nobama" bumper sticker on my truck, and the Red-White-and-Blue hat I was wearing.  I felt like saying, "Why do you think that?  Because your sociology teacher told you so?"

He had vanished as fast as he had appeared, so I never got the chance to respond.  Hit and run idiocy, I suppose.

I had just gotten home from teaching a Constitution Class, and changed into some comfortable clothes, and my wife had just gotten home from work.  One of our granddaughters wanted to go with us to the store.  After picking up a few items, we went to a fast food restaurant to grab some drive-thru dinner.  We got home, and our granddaughter's hamburger wasn't in the bag, there were no sauces for our chicken nuggets, and the two boxes of ten nuggets each (for a 20-piece order) contained nine nuggets in one, and eight in the other.

And these are the people who are demanding $15 per hour for their entry-level job.  Their crappy service and lack of ability of paying attention to detail isn't even worth $8 per hour.

Usually, I check my bag at the window, because this kind of bad service has become the norm at most of these food places.  The members of today's society doesn't care enough to do their best, even at a job as simple as fast food, yet they demand above average compensation for their less-than-average work.  They want government handouts and they want the "rich" business owners to bend over backwards and provide $15 per hour, because they somehow feel entitled.

It's like the woman who gave me crappy service at a steak restaurant and chased me out to my car to demand from me a reason why I didn't tip her.  You are not entitled to your tip, you are not entitled to a "living wage," and you are not entitled to government handouts. . . especially with an attitude like that.  Tips and higher wages must be earned.  A comfortable life is something you must work to achieve.

As for the higher minimum wage that the Democrats are promising you, what they are going to give you is worse poverty for more people.  Higher wages, like taxes and regulatory fees, are simply the cost of doing business to a business owner.  They will find a way to compensate for, or eliminate, the higher cost.  In all likelihood, those people demanding higher minimum wages will be replaced by technology, and find themselves in the unemployment line.  While demanding more, they will end up with nothing.

As for the influence of higher wages on the economy, the higher cost of doing business, or the need to make adjustments regarding the higher cost of doing business, will only drive up the prices of the products affected.  So, while the minimum wage went up for those few who will keep their jobs, their living standards won't because the cost of living will go up as well.  However, those who lose their jobs as a result of the higher minimum wage will end up seeking government dependence because they won't be able to afford the higher cost of living.  The middle class, who got no raise, will also become poorer as a result of the rise in the cost of living.

As for the kid's claim that democratic socialism was the revolution, Bernie's plans are impossible to implement.  There is no way to raise the money to pay for his idiotic policies, and historically, socialism fails every time.  Revolution, my ass.  All the leftists offer is failure.  So, my advice to that punk who lashed out at me is, "Grow up, set aside childish things, and get with the American program."

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