Sunday, March 20, 2016

Obama Arrested Upon Arrival In Cuba

by JASmius

Ooops!  Sorry, I mean hundreds more Cuban freedom fighters were arrested upon Obama's arrival.  Silly me:

Just hours before Barack Obama landed Sunday in Cuba for his [sigh] "historic" visit to the communist island, Cuban authorities arrested more than fifty dissidents who were marching to demand improved human rights.

And paraded them past the First Family on the tarmac on their way to the paddy wagons, too, I imagine.  Which is why the Obamas should have debarked backwards; with their backs turned symbolically to the Cuban people they've betrayed, it would have captured the scenario without a single word needing to be uttered.

Members of the group, known as the Ladies in White, are used to the routine. They march each Sunday after Mass at a church in a suburb of Havana called Miramar and usually get arrested and detained for hours or days.

Some in the group thought Cuban authorities would back off this Sunday out of respect for Obama's visit.

What made them think that the Castros have any respect for a useful idiot who gave them everything they wanted and charged them nothing for it?  When O makes his "historic" visit to Iran, the mullahs will probably be throwing homosexuals out of the control tower at Khomeini International.

They would detonate nukes, but having to do so underground would ruin the desired effect.

Berta Soler, one of the founding members who has been marching since 2003, said while walking to the church Sunday morning that maybe they would be allowed to protest without getting arrested.

"Everything looks good so far," she said.

Despite dozens of international reporters in town for Obama's trip, the group was quickly rounded up in buses and police cars.

Foolish hope springs eternal, in other words.

"For us, it's very important that we do this so Barack Obama knows that there are women here fighting for the liberty of political prisoners," Soler said before being arrested. "And he needs to know that we are here being repressed simply for exercising our right to express ourselves and manifest in a non-violent way."

Unfortunately, Senorita Soler, what you have yet to realize is that Barack Obama doesn't give a rat's ass about your liberty, about Cuban political prisoners, about your repression, or about your rights.  Because if he did, he would have liberated Cuba and deposed the Castros instead of "opening up" to them and feting them like the kings as which they set themselves up almost sixty years ago.

Should the Damas de Blanco have given up and stayed home?  No, especially if they've been conducting these marches for well over a decade; obviously they're in it for the long haul.  But they need to understand that Barack Obama has made them invisible - and rendered them expendable.  Which is to say, one of these Sundays may be their last march.

UPDATE: The Castros piss in Obama's official face, and he slurps it down and asks,. "Thank you., comrades, may I have some more?":

Former Reagan administration official K.T. McFarland was among conservatives critical of Barack Obama's Monday press conference in which he said he accepted criticism from Cuban [dictator] Raul Castro.

"'President' Castro has also addressed what he views as shortcomings in the United States around basic needs for people in poverty and inequality and race relations and we welcome that constructive dialogue as well," Obama said. "I actually welcome 'President' Castro commenting on some of the areas where he feels where we're falling short because I think we should not be immune or afraid of criticism or discussion as well.

"I'm Barack Obama, and I approve his message".

"I find if really distasteful where the president of the United States is welcoming the criticism of a country like that," McFarland said on Fox News Channel's The Real Story
Obama "listed all the goodies we're giving them: trade, tourism, Internet access, education, scientific exchanges — we're going to pay for that," McFarland said.

Indeed, we are.  All that economic aid, all that diplomatic legitimacy, coming from a country mired in "people not having basic needs met" and "in poverty" and "inequality" and "racism" - which is all true, actually, thanks to Obamanomics and his pro-#BlackLivesMatter boosterism, but is still far better than Cuba's tackily upholstered hellhole.  No riposte that if the Castros hadn't rendered their country such a tackily upholstered hellhole, it wouldn't need our trade, tourism, Internet access, education, scientific exchanges, etc.  And THEN they'd have arrested Obama, and hopefully we would never have seen him again.

But that's not why Obama is visiting the communist island.  He's there to bow and curtsy and grovel before his Marxist-Leninist betters, and bring their Satanic gospel back to occupied Obamerikastan.  Proudly.

It's distasteful, alright; but it's what sixty-two million Americans voted for - twice - and we will never escape its consequences, anymore than will our oppressed Cuban counterparts.

UPDATE II (3/22): The Obama White House becomes the Castro dictatorship's mouthpiece:

.@rhodes44 says Cuba views political prisoners as having broken criminal laws in Cuba.

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