Friday, March 11, 2016

ObamaCare Enrollment Dropped 25% In 2015

by JASmius

Or, "bending the enrollment curve downward":

The administration’s target was for 9.1 million people to have “effectuated” coverage at the end of 2015, meaning they were paying their premiums. However, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced Friday that 8.8 million people were enrolled at the end of the year instead.

That is a drop of almost 25% compared to the 11.7 million people who were signed up at the beginning of 2015.

Down down, doobie-doo, down down - enrollment and enrollment estimates and targets:

Following the latest open enrollment period there were 12.7 million people enrolled in the program. If that total were to experience a similar 25% decline over 2016, there would be approximately 9.5 million enrollees remaining at the end of the year. That would be less than the ten million HHS [Commissar] Burwell predicted last year. The ten million prediction was already a significant decline from a March 2015 CBO prediction of twenty-one million enrollees for 2016. In January of this year, CBO revised that estimate down to thirteen million.

It all stands to eminently logical reason.  The Obamaconomy is in an artificially engineered and imposed permanent depression; ObamaCare has, as intended and designed, caused health insurance premiums to skyrocket; and the Individual Mandate fine "tax" is far cheaper than are the premiums.  The financial incentives are not complicated.  Nor is the "death spiral" that is already in progress.  This enrollment crash is simply an aspect of it that the Obama Regime would prefer to keep quiet.

Hence this steaming Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services pile:

“At the end of 2015, about 8.8 million people had health insurance coverage through the Health Insurance [Cartel]s, up from 6.3 million the year before, a nearly 40% year-over-year increase,” said Kevin Counihan, CEO of the Health Insurance [Cartel]. “This rapid progress in expanding access to coverage through the Health Insurance [Cartel] is a major reason why the share of Americans with health insurance rose above 90% in 2015 for the first time ever.

We are, indeed living in not a "post-truth" age, but an anti-truth age, where the Narrative - no matter whose it is - is a tribal property and tool of war against the other factions.

Thus does logic, rationality, sanity - and a free society - die.

And render reality bitter, indeed.

I wonder if any O-Care policy covers that.

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