Friday, March 25, 2016

Obama's Actions Speak Louder Than Words

By Douglas V. Gibbs

In the aftermath of terrorist attacks in Brussels, the President of the United States decided to continue his vacation to historically communist/socialist countries.  He grinned and enjoyed a baseball game in Cuba.  He tangoed in Argentina.  While he says, "Life must go on" when there are terror attacks, the image he portrays is that he doesn't care, and worse, that his "vacation" in countries who have declared themselves enemies of the United States (or at least their administrations have) in the past is more important than the national security concerns in the face of Muslim terrorism.

"More people die from slipping in bathtubs" is his claim.  Don't worry.  They are not coming to chop your heads off.

Numbers, at this point, is not the point.  Technically, Mr. Obama is right.  In America, we have a better chance of dying from something else, than from terrorism, at this point.  So, why would you do things (or not do things) that would change that dynamic and increase the odds of us getting our heads chopped off in the name of Islam?

The fact is, Americans are concerned about Islamic terrorism, and terrorism by Muslims is a very real thing.  The number of terrorist attacks against The West are increasing rapidly.  War has been declared against Europe, and the United States.  Any responsible President of the United States who cares about defending this country would be showing concern, canceling trips to get to the war room.

Remember, the Democrats hammered on George W. Bush for not immediately jumping up and abandoning school children during story time when 9/11 occurred; yet they are giving President Barack Obama a pass for a much more egregious series of actions despite terror attacks in Europe, where Americans were injured and died, and as Islam claims America is next.

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