Saturday, March 26, 2016

Obama's Open Borders Treason In Microcosm

by JASmius


A border patrol union leader reportedly charges a ten-mile stretch of the Arizona border with Mexico was left unmanned for two days, allowing two vehicles to drive into the United States and escape.

The Arizona Republic reports Brandon Judd, president of the 16,500-member National Border Patrol Council, testified at a subcommittee of the House Oversight & Government Affairs Committee hearing earlier this week about the breach, saying surveillance cameras spotted the vehicles.

Agents who investigated also located tracks indicating the vehicles came through a hole in the fence, and evidence that attempts were made to patch over the cuts in the fence to hide the breach.

"The scariest part of those vehicles entering into the United States is we don’t know what was in those vehicles. We have no idea," Judd testified, the newspaper reports....

"The Obama administration and [U.S. Customs and Border Protection] Commissioner [Gil] Kerlikowske have repeatedly told the American public that the border is more secure today than it’s ever been," Judd testified, the newspaper reports.

"As a Border Patrol agent, I will tell you the exact opposite." [emphases added]

What was in those vehicles?  I really hope and pray it was just ordinary illegals coming here for "a better life".  I really do.  But it doesn't feel like that, does it?  Two "vehicles".  The story doesn't say that anybody got out or were let out or put out of them.  It sounds like whoever invaded was a group, or a unit, or a cell, on some sort of operation or mission.  What kind of vehicles?  Sedans?  SUVs?  Vans?  The larger the vehicle, the more and bigger items it can carry.  A large quantity of bomb-making materials?  This week's ISIS bombings in Brussels were from ordinary items you can find on local store shelves.  Maybe an extra-large conventional explosive, like a truck bomb?  Perhaps, but Timothy McVeigh, the Saddamite Iraqi bomber, didn't need to import the ingredients for the device he used in Oklahoma City, for example,

So....what was in the vehicles?  Chemical weapons?  Biological weapons?

A nuke?  The jihadist nuclear strike depicted in this famous video, and others, employs a van carrying a Hiroshima-sized "turnkey" nuclear device:

What was in those vehicles?  We don't know.  Who was in them, for that matter?  We don't know that, either.  Coulda been human traffickers, coulda been drug smugglers.  Coulda been ISIS, or Iranian agents, or al Qaeda.  Maybe with two vehicle loads of radiological supplies for multiple "dirty" bombs.

What we do know is that that ten mile stretch of Arizona border was left wide open, it does not appear to be accidental, and somebody purposefully drove across it in two vehicles and disappeared.  And the Obama Regime persists in perpetuating the lie that we even have a southern border, much less that it's "more secure today than it's ever been".

I fear what headlines I may be posting in the days or weeks ahead - if I'm even able to do so.

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