Wednesday, March 02, 2016

State Commissariat "Stalling For Hillary"

by JASmius

Offered without prelude:

MATT LEE: “He does have a point, maybe it shouldn’t be driven by political deadlines so that the results of the review that the State [Commissaria]t is responsible for come out after the election but maybe it should be driven by wanting to get it out before the election. In fact, as soon as possible. Can you commit to getting the results of this review into the top secret into the classified the one that he’s talking about before there is a general election in this country.”

STATE [COMMISSARIA]T SPOKESMAN JOHN KIRBY: “I’m not going to commit to a specific timeline. The [commissar] wants this review to be done thoroughly, and accurately and efficiently and he’s not going to allow himself, or the process or the [commissariat] to be driven by the political calendar on this. The argument that we should be ever mindful of that, and while I don’t agree with the logic, I understand where you are coming from. The counter logic to that would be is that we are politicizing what needs to remain a completely apolitical process here. What the American people have a right to know is how these things were handled, and how the state [commissaria]t has met our obligations in terms of properly preparing these documents for their release. There are other agencies involved.” [emphasis added]

Kirby wouldn't commit to a specific timeline?  Naturally; the Regime wants to drag out the Emailgate investigation for months longer, either to spring the Hillary-exonerating "October Surprise", or to run out the clock until Trump hands her the presidency, after which Barack Obama would blanket-pardon her and the communist occupation could roll on for another quadrennium.  The American people have a right to know how "these things" were handled?  Sure we do - AFTER Mrs. Clinton is president-elect, when it will be "old news" and dead and buried "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" fodder.

"We are politicizing what needs to remain a completely apolitical process here" merits no comment, but the following video suits it....

UPDATE: Bryan Pagliano, Mrs. Clinton's IT guy, has been granted immunity in exchange for his Emailgate testimony.  He could have some....interesting things to tell the FBI.

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