Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The Donald and the Duke

By Allan McNew

After 50 some years of the Racism Wolf being continually invoked as an argument stopper or smear bomb every time the left doesn't have case, I'm strangely inclined to dismissively wave my hand and mildly say “meh” or “bah” whenever that monster under the bed is trotted out. It's pretty hard to work up a derisive snort anymore.

It's not as though there is any great shortage of racists on the left side of the political divide. However, they are embraced and supported by the liberal elite and justified as expressing “cultural pride”, as a reaction to “white privilege” or inspired by, in the words of the old Mexican (from Mexico) joke about how the US, over 150 years ago, “took the best part of Mexico, the part that was paved and had all the modern conveniences” (and, in line with the back handed joke, the presumable shoulder to shoulder existence of “Mexicans” in the whole of the northern territorial claim).

So forgive me if I didn't follow the obligatory standard of dealing with such issues by opening with a statement about how vile David Duke is (which he is vile indeed) accompanied with the statement that I don't support Trump (which I don't) followed with a “but”…

Whenever Debbie Wassrman-Shultz, Harry Reid, MSNBC,, and all the rest of that bunch denounce the likes of Al Sharpton, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, National Council of La Raza, about 99% of ethnic studies professors and a whole host of other "coddled" racists on their political side, I'll demand that Donald Trump denounce David Duke.

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