Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Great Cuba-Obamnesty Tie-In

by JASmius

This is what distinguishes Cubans on the immigration issue from other Latin Americans: Cubans are actually refugees. They're fleeing communist tyranny (that THEY never voted for, unlike the sixty two million purblind morons in this country that twice inflicted his infernal majesty on us) and consequently deserve political asylum, unlike other Hispanics/Latinos, who are just flooding northward to parasitically leech off what's left of the American economy and welfare state. And since their country remains a communist hellhole, and the only change has been that Barack Obama has now allied America with the Castro brothers, that dynamic hasn't changed.

Which is why I, ironically, find myself in opposition to Arizona-4 Representative Paul Gosar's bill to repeal the "wet foot/dry foot" Cuban political asylum provision along with its authorizing legislation, the Cuban Adjustment Act. The Border Crises, Obamnesty, and Obama's sellout to the Castro boys are not, not a single one of them, the fault of the oppressed Cuban people. Why should we not continue to aid them in emptying the enormous jail that is Cuba via the back door, and humiliate Barack Obama in the process?

To quote Rajesh Koothrappali after not comprehending why sleeping with Penny could ruin all of their friendships, "That's like ruining ice cream with chocolate sprinkles".

- Me, three months and thirteen days ago

I will admit that the above wasn't the angle from which I was going to compose this post, and the plight of the Cuban people does set them apart from other Latinos/Hispanics.  But it would also be folly not to acknowledge that this mass influx of Cuban illegals fits hand-in-glove with Barack Obama's demographic "fundamental transformation" gambit to change America from, as the Director has pointed out in the past, an Anglo-Saxon culture based on constitutionalism and individual liberty to a "Roman" culture based upon authoritarianism and state control.  To say nothing, of course, of how there's no reason, given the identical lawlessness of Cuban illegals as opposed to Cuban refugees, to believe that the former wouldn't pad the Democrat voters rolls just like Mexicans and Central Americans.

That factor is reinforced by the fact that the influx not only hasn't slowed down, but is ever accelerating:

With the Obama administration's effort to restore the United States government's diplomatic ties with Cuba has come an increase of Cuban [alien]s to America, according to a new report.

Fox News cites documents that show Cubans have flocked to the U.S. ever since Barack Obama said he would work to improve relations between the countries in December 2014.

Except for one quarter, the number of [alien]s from the island nation has risen steadily since the announcement. Fox reports that 5,770 Cubans came to the U.S. it the three months before the announcement, while the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2015 saw 14,114 migrants come to America's borders....

"We are seeing an influx of Cubans at the Texas-Mexico border who are immediately admitted to this country and have an extremely fast pathway to citizenship," Representative Blake Farenthol (R-TX27) said, according to the Times.

The reason given for this influx - or, if you prefer, excuse - is that with the "normalization" of relations between the U.S. and Cuba (i.e. sellout to the Castro brothers), Cuban "migrants" fear that the political asylum gateway for easily entering and being allowed to stay here and fast-track to citizenship will be cut off.  And from The One's communist roots, one can see how that would make sense.

But like any good communist, O is a revolutionary, and he is trying to "fundamentally transform" the United Soviet Socialist States of Obamerikastan in every way, shape, and form imaginable.  And erasing the nation's borders and taking in the rest of the planet's population - the demographic deluge - via Obamnesty is a big part of that effort.  Consequently, why would anybody believe that he and his Regime would take any steps to reduce the incoming flood of illegal immigration, regardless of the source?  And yet the "migrant" tsunami continues.  So clearly the perceived incentives for it are not negative, but positive - not "they're going to cut us off," but "Fidel and Raul only promise us free stuff, Barry actually delivers!"

How do we distinguish between Cuban refugees and Cuban illegals?  It seems to me that the route they take to get here is a good filter.  Any willing to brave the ninety-mile crossing of the Florida Strait - being willing to take the risk and pay the price for what passes for freedom anymore - is a true refugee and should be welcomed with open arms.  Those taking the Castros' refuse chute through Ecuador joining the illegal stream northward to overrun our erased border is a freeloading parasite and should be kept out.

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