Friday, March 11, 2016

The Mother Of All Current Events Metaphors: Captain America III: Civil War Trailer

by JASmius

I don't know how Marvel Studios knew that the Republican Party would be disintegrating right as this latest MCU installment was coming out, but boy, does this cathartically fit the times.

The irony is that for moviegoers, the point isn't to pick a side, but the tragedy of seeing the Avengers turn on and go to war against each other.  Throughout the whole flick we'll be shaking our heads at how needless and self-destructive it all is, and yet they will be so myopically and personally invested in it that they'll be blind to anything but their anger toward one another.  Just like in any civil war, common sense, the truth that they're stronger together than apart, that "we must all hang together or we shall surely all hang separately," will simply no longer matter.  The poison of rage and recrimination will run unstoppably wild until every last ounce of blood is spilled.

And, yes, the Avengers will smash each other up pretty good as well.  But they're all going to be in Avengers III: Infinity Wars, so it won't be too awfully bad for them.  The GOP, on the other hand?  No such luck.

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