Thursday, March 17, 2016


By Allan McNew

Emerging and future technologies are replacing the old, with communications technologies at the forefront. These technologies are derived from new capitalist models, and as traditional businesses are swept away and traditional growth vehicles, such as construction and infrastructure, are regulated to oblivion which sinks the economy and gainful employment across the board suffers.

So, let's say a chronically unemployed college graduate with enormous education debt is watching MSNBC's Rachel Maddow unleashing a spit flying rant about Wall Street and conservatives who want to give tax cuts to the rich rather than pay for his education. This enrages the young man, who checks social media and researches the web for solutions to his problems, then networks social media and calls his friends to organize against everything he sees as evil. What he doesn't realize is everything he has done funds the opposite of what he desires to happen.

Take MSNBC. There's a bewildering number of Wall Street corporate names that have been involved with MSNBC : Microsoft, GE, NBC, NBC Universal, Comcast, A&E, Hearst, Disney, French conglomerate Vivende, and perhaps hundreds of contracts and side deals, all involving boards of directors and investors. Essentially, the young man pays Wall Street through his cable fee to hire Maddow to trash Wall Street and work him up against it while she's at it.

The electronics he uses from his TV, router, smart phone, computer, Microsoft and Apple Operating Systems and much more involves Wall Street, often in the form of Silicone Valley. His wireless carrier's and Internet Service Provider's corporate stocks are traded on Wall Street.

Social media and all those mobile device apps are free, right? Wrong, every possible bit of data is vacuumed up to make user profiles, which are sold for marketing and advertisement. Mark Zuckerburg didn't become a billionaire by not turning something from Facebook into capitalist dollars, and Zuckerburg became what he criticizes from Wall Street to the NSA.

Not only do communications corporations, associated hardware and software firms and entertainment conglomerates hire flame throwers like Maddow to stir up resentment against their collective selves because there's money in it (selves hidden behind the generic “Wall Street” mask), but many of them also fund a good portion of Democratic Party politics and progressive-socialist agenda.

People like the young man described above fund a part of Wall Street to payroll people who stir him up to benefit an agenda that kills the economy, thus negating his chances for gainful employment and steers him in the direction of government dependency, which awards him an Obama phone… which doesn't soothe his resentment against Wall Street and conservatives...

The emergent technologies aren't going anywhere, as society is now dependent on them. They buy off far left politicians and progressive-socialist activists while mouthing progressive-socialist notions – which will never apply to themselves, they will never pay the “fair share” of taxes the young man is led to believe they should, and they often have a big say in federal, state and local governments.

Have a good look at California, poster child of progressive-socialist achievement, and how much Silicone Valley has contributed to our Jimmy Carter economy with capitalist money poured into progressive-socialist agenda. The young man will probably never figure out that he's been duped into soldiering for a future oligarchy comprised of socialist demagogues and capitalist technocrats.

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