Friday, March 18, 2016

Trump Advisor: "I Don’t Accept That Riots Are Violence"

by JASmius

"A prophet has no honor in his own country."

- John 4:44

Remember the warning of former Texas Governor Rick Perry eight months ago?:

Being president of the United States is serious business, not a reality TV show.

This is especially true for the next president, who will have a big job ahead after the failures of the Obama administration. Our challenges are too complex — and the future of our country too important — to let egos, inflated rhetoric, and emotion take the place of thoughtful discussion.

I made the case recently for why GOP policies are the best to create opportunity across the country for families of all backgrounds. I’ve held up my home state’s reforms in economic, education, and sentencing policies as examples of conservative governance that have made life better for minorities in Texas compared with other places around the country. And I’ve been honest about our party’s shortcomings — including my own — in engaging all Americans in our conversations about the future of this nation.

But we can’t do that if we’re pitting black against white against brown; rich against poor; women against men. Playing identity politics takes a page right out of the Democrats’ playbook, and we Republicans are better than that.

That’s why rhetoric such as the kind employed by Donald Trump is damaging — it’s damaging to our party, and most important, damaging to the United States of America. I believe strongly that Mr. Trump’s philosophy is not conservatism, but rather a toxic mix of demagoguery and nonsense.

He called "Trumpism" a "cancer" on conservatism.

The following is, I think, part of what he had in mind:

Heather McDonald, whose border hawk credentials are unimpeachable, does me the favor of asking and answering the question about how Clovis's orwellian bullshit isn't lifted straight out of Barack Obama's rhetorical pantry:

[D]on’t assume that given enough encouragement, working-class Trump backers can’t be worked up into some Bacchanalian violence themselves. And while such self-indulgent tantrums may not reach the same scale as the recent rioting in Baltimore, Ferguson, and Oakland, they would be just as corrosive an attack on civil order.

Faced with each latest example of Trump’s megalomaniacal boorishness and appalling manners, his supporters inevitably claim: Oh, the Left is so much worse. That is not always the case. Trump has achieved a level of vicious, personal invective, and wildly irresponsible public pronouncements that is unprecedented in recent memory. And I speak as someone who supports his [purported] immigration positions 100% and who takes a fiendish delight in his scourging of the Republican "establishment" and its open-borders ideology [sic]. But some things are more important than a stated willingness to enforce the immigration laws (especially when an alternative candidate exists who is equally committed to immigration enforcement), and the maintenance of civilized society is one of them.

Ironically, Trump occasionally positions himself as the law-and-order candidate. But his recent threat of riots disqualifies him from that position and shows him to be clueless about the fragility of civil order and the profound responsibilities of a leader for maintaining that order. His self-indulgent, undisciplined pronouncements should disqualify him from the presidency as well. [emphases added]

Which brings us to Clovis's (reminds me of  Boss Hogg) other Stasi-esque comment from this CNN interview:

"Get on the Trump train, or end up under it?"  My, but that's an....interesting choice of words.  Almost sounds like a threat, doesn't it?  Which is Trump standard operating procedure, after all.  And that includes his riot incitement.

And the bitterest irony of all?  Prior to being corrupted by Trump, Clovis worked for....Rick Perry.

"Trumpism" isn't just a cancer, it is a pandemic.

UPDATE: I take it back; Sam Clovis looks far more like Captain Kangaroo's evil twin.

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Anonymous said...

You do not agree that the Left is so much worse,but you should at least agree that they are not any better. Just because Trump is not PC,does not mean he should not get the respect he deserves.No other person running will support his immigration positions 100%,and if that is the only thing he gets done in four years,that alone is worth him being president. Secondly,no other Republicans that were running or running now have been bucking the ''establishment'' like Trump,and that is because the other Republicans are too PC to do so.Trump is the only one who will close off the Mexican border.All of what I just mentioned are some of the most important things facing our country.There is not one equally committed to immigration enforcement as Trump. There all to PC to tell Mexico they will have to pay for the wall,they would be too scared to say something like that.One of the biggest problems is that this country has become so fragile. Back in 1975,you could talk somewhat freely, and all the people were not breathing down your neck about it,and it was still a civilized society back then.Now it is too PC.