Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Trump Backers

By Bonnie Parsley

Glenn Beck said that the Democrats have taken us so far to the left that Republicans may make the mistake of nominating a strong man who will just “git it done”. We are so angry at congress for taking the nation in the wrong direction, that we may turn to someone who we see just as angry as we are. We will forget our conservative principles of limited government and go for someone who will use executive power to force whatever the voters believe he will do for them. Even when that person changes his views one day to the next, even when he makes outrageous promises, even when he shows ignorance of national security policy, even when he never speaks of individual freedom and the Constitution, he is forgiven because he is going to save us. It doesn’t matter that he has called George W. Bush a liar, or Romney a looser. Many Republicans are desperate for a bigger than life celebrity with magical powers who will “make America great again” all by himself.

Trump backers have placed in him their hope for restoring the Republic, righting wrongs, and solving all our problems. Republicans are fooling themselves if they think this one man can do it all. Republicans are violating their principles by placing their trust in someone who has a history of using influence to gain advantage. Trump and Hillary are two sides of the same coin. One buys influence the other grants privileges. Trump supporters are abandoning our founding principles of limited government with constitutional boundaries on the presidency. They seem to be willing to place their hopes in an ultra-strong president, like the Democrats did eight years ago, just as long as they get the change they want this time.

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