Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trump Campaign Manager Has Long Had "Anger Management" Issues

by JASmius

He almost kind of looks like a skinhead, doesn't he?:

Donald Trump's presidential campaign manager Corey Lewandowski — the focus of a reporter's allegation that he forcibly grabbed and bruised her arm last week — has previously provoked concerns from co-workers, Politico reports.

Citing interviews with more than twenty people who've dealt with Lewandowski in the Trump campaign and at his previous job with the conservative advocacy group Americans For Prosperity, Politico reports that complaints against Lewandowski include his alleged rough behavior with reporters, officials and co-workers. 
A group of current and former high-ranking members of the campaign even planned to give Trump a letter outlining their concerns, but tabled the plan as the "GOP" front-runner began racking up primary and caucus wins, Politico reports. [emphasis added]

Meaning a couple of things, neither mutually exclusive of the other: (1) They figured that Trump would no longer listen to their concerns if there didn't appear to be any political consequences from his campaign manager being a women-abuser, and (2) they're bleeping cowards for not sending Trump the letter anyway on moral principle.  A cravenness that is spreading throughout the Right as more and more one-time conservatives sell out their high-falutin' principles to the millionaire slumlord based on nothing more than corrupt front-running.

Eager to demonstrate that he can be as big a liar as his pompadoured boss, Lewandowski did not disappoint:

In an email to Politico, Lewandowski denies he's ever behaved inappropriately with female journalists, and says he welcomes dissenting viewpoints, describing his relationship with the Trump family as "solid."

Bleep you, Lewandowski.  The evidence - the truth - weighs greatly against you.

A sentiment in which I am joined by the apparently former hero of the Tea Party movement:

The concerns come as GOP presidential rival Texas Senator Ted Cruz blasted Lewandowski over the alleged manhandling incident, calling it a "fireable offense."

Speaking to reporters in Illinois late Monday, Cruz described the Trump campaign as reaching a new "height of disdain from a candidate for reporters and voters," Politico reports.

Oh, but that's right, Ted Cruz was born in Canada, so what does he know, right?  A sentiment that nobody on the Right ever brought up until they started defecting to Trump, and now they dismiss Cruz as a "member of the establishment" on the infamous "cockroach" theory.

Let me remind all of you in that category of the company you're keeping:

"On social media, it seems that while not all Donald Trump supporters are anti-Semites, many of the vocal and vicious anti-Semites seem to be Donald Trump supporters.”

That’s what Rick Wilson, a Republican strategist and writer often accused of climbing into the pockets of “The Jews,” told me recently.

The widespread anti-Semitism of Trump’s fans hit the news after the September 16th Republican debate, thanks to one of his biggest supporters, Ann Coulter, who tweeted, “How many fucking Jews do these people think there are in the United States?” when several candidates affirmed support for Israel during their closing remarks. Coulter’s comments, coupled with the anti-Semitism on display from her supporters — who immediately started the Twitter hashtag #IStandWithAnn — are becoming typical of Trump’s fan base.

And you wonder why I now find Ann Coulter to be utterly loathsome.

What is most shocking on the heels of the general anti-Semitism of Trump’s fans and now with the mainstream exposure of them due to Coulter’s comments is the candidate’s radio silence on the situation. Trump is known for many things, but keeping his lips sealed is certainly not one of them.

It would help explain his vow to be as "neutral" between Israel and the "Palestinians" as his would-be predecessor.

This is the biggest reason yet why Donald Trump does not deserve any "benefit of the doubt".

This really is a nightmare.  I feel like Dr. Miles Bennell, watching people, allies, I've respected and enthusiastically supported for my entire adult life turn into hostile strangers I don't even recognize, embodying and embracing every vicious lie with which our opponents have ever slimed us.  Ann Coulter is the perfect example of this degeneration.  Has she always been a closet anti-Semite or did this vile hatred just recently overpower and assimilate her?  Has Trump made neo-Nazi sympathies fashionable now?  Have those instincts already been present in more than a few conservatives and Trump has successively coaxed them "out of the closet", or has he "converted" more than a few conservatives to them because Trump silently approves of them?  God in heaven, I don't want to believe that; the very prospect makes me sick to my stomach.  But Coulter and her Twitter followers make it awfully hard to escape either conclusion.

As for the rest of you Trumplicans, I prefer to believe that you have abandoned principled conservatism to become reactionaries - and in the case of dupes like Chris Christie and Ben Carson, cheap dates.  You've so lost yourselves in anger and infantile "I WANT!" frustration at congressional Republicans not being able to work miracles nor being willing to go outside the Constitution and political reality to effect them that you've deemed those principles to be an obstacle and are jumping on any charlatan who will tell you what you want to hear and promise to "fight!  fight!  fight!"  You've set yourselves up to be the easiest of marks, suckers, and the ultimate conman showed up for what looks like multiple skinnings.

I would argue that the inevitable Trump landslide defeat in November will be the much-needed rude awakening y'all need, except that I think you're too emotionally invested in "Trumpism" to admit it.  He'll lose, and be off back to eminent domaining widows out of their homes and buying (fellow) Democrat politicians and sticking his schwantz into Da Nang and denying jobs to Americans in favor of illegal aliens and defrauding more customers and riding more business ventures into bankruptcy, but the irrational, diseased mentality that enabled his demolition of the Party of conservatism and elevated Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders to the presidency of the United States will live on, keeping Democrats in power and the Old American Republic moldering in its grave.

Just, I believe, as Trump and La Clinton Nostra intended all along.

I'd toss off something like, "I hope you're proud of yourselves," but I know you will be.

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