Thursday, March 31, 2016

Trump Won't Ban His Rich Muslim Friends

by JASmius

That is at least three Trump parodies in one: (1) his standard lie to erstwhile "conservatives" to dupe them into believing that he would ever actually institute a Muslim immigration ban of any sort, (2) "I'm not an Islamophobe; why, some of my best friends are Muzzies," and (3) "They're all as rich or richer than I am."

It's such trademark plutocratic Trump hypocrisy that you cannot help but conclude that he's "winging it," because nobody, not even someone with this overabundance of natural talent, could ever put themselves so over as an utter and complete dumbass:

Donald Trump says his proposed temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States won't have any effect on his wealthy Muslim friends....

"I have a lot of friends that are Muslim and they call me," Trump told MSNBC's Chris Matthews during the event, according to USA Today. "In most cases, they're very rich Muslims, OK?"

Matthews then asked Trump whether those same Muslim friends would be allowed to enter the United States under a ban he would institute as president.

"They'll come in."

Take a closer look at the .gif above and study Tingles' face.  He looks incredulous, doesn't he?  Like he can't believe the Gaia-send for the leftwingnut cause that is sitting right in front of him, saying everything he believes every Republican thinks and breathes, the embodiment of the Left's coarsest conservative stereotype, and the instrument of the Right's discrediting for years to come.

"I'll keep out Muslims except for my rich Muslim friends".  It's like some dream of stupid from which we can't wake up. (Say, wasn't bin Laden a rich Muslim?  Good thing he's dead, huh?) It got even stupider when he tried to cover that garish verbal incontinence by the incomprehensible claim that Muslims would fight ISIS to get his temporary ban lifted.  Which makes no sense if the ban were temporary, as they could simply wait for Trump to lift the ban without their doing anything.  It also makes no sense given that the reason why Muslims want into the U.S. is to carry out attacks on ISIS's behalf, and otherwise conduct violent and cultural jihad.  And if for whatever incomprehensible reason such a ban were to turn Muslims against ISIS, that redirection would only last until the ban was lifted....which it would be by definition because it would be merely temporary, which Trump has already announced, and which Muslims would believe it was, nullifying any modifying effect upon their stance or actions.

Frankly, it is becoming a struggle for me to avoid reaching the conclusion that Trump wouldn't be worse in the Oval Office than Hillary Clinton.  Not that I will ever vote for the Empress under any circumstances.  But then, given Trump's apocalyptic poll numbers, I'd never have to.

Especially since she doubtless has the same rich Muslim friends as her good friend and queenmaker Donald.

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