Thursday, March 10, 2016

Trump's Modeling Agency Under Fire Over H-1B Visas

by JASmius

I'm starting to notice a pattern here....:

Donald Trump's modeling agency has come under fire for using the same H-1B visa program that the GOP presidential front-runner criticizes — and reportedly may be violating immigration laws at the same time.

The Trump Model Management agency use of the program is at the heart of a proposed class action lawsuit filed by Jamaican model Alexia Palmer, who was brought to the country with an H-1B visa, CNN Money reports.

The suit alleges the agency recruits foreign models with promises of wages that never materialize and defrauds the government on visa applications.

To reappropriate a word that Trump has seized as a verbal tic, here are the "details":

Almost half of these applications indicated a $75,000 annual salary while others went as high as $416,000.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency tells CNN Money a sponsoring company "must pay the actual wage or the prevailing wage, whichever is higher" — meaning it was illegal to pay Palmer below either listed wage. [emphasis added]

And did Trump Model Management do that?  Yes!  It!  Did!:

For Palmer, the prevailing wage acknowledged by the Trump agency on the visa application was roughly $45,000 a year.

So Trump lowballed her even before he broke the law.

She made less than $30,000 over three years from modeling jobs for clients ranging from Conde Nast to Saks Fifth Avenue, CNN Money reports.

And how much of that low-lowball did she actually get to keep?  About enough to last me four months:

After taxes, a 20% commission to the agency, fees and modeling-related costs, Palmer netted $4,985 over three years, CNN Money reports.

"If someone isn't being paid what they are supposed to be paid, they are being exploited," said Neil Ruiz, executive director of the Center for Law, Economics and Finance at George Washington University and a national expert on H-1B visas.

"This case shows that [Trump's] own company has benefited from exploiting his own H-1B visa holders." [emphasis added]

Almost as if Trump had been Miss Palmer's....pimp.

That's how he looks at you, Trumplicans.  ALL of you.  And once he has what he wants out of you - the Republican presidential nomination - you, too, will be kicked to the curb.  Mark my words.

UPDATE: Deport Melania Trump?

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