Thursday, March 10, 2016

West Virginia: Concealed Carry Without A Permit

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The State legislature in West Virginia overrode the Governor's veto to put into place a new law allowing gun owners 21 and older in West Virginia to have a concealed weapon on their person without the need of obtaining a permit.  The law was supported by the National Rifle Association, but opposed by law enforcement across the State.

The argument against it?  Allowing just anyone to carry a concealed weapon means that law enforcement officers have no way of knowing whether someone might be armed.

Makes this gun owner desire that we do away with registration, too.  After all, the whole point of the 2nd Amendment is to make it possible for the populace to fight back against a tyrannical government, and if the tyrannical government is in fact tyrannical, they will use registration as a tool to confiscate firearms.

The move in West Virginia echoes a broader trend across the country towards allowing concealed carry, and loosening the rules against gun ownership.  After all, every time Barack Obama opens his mouth, threatening to take away our guns, gun sales go up, and preparations to protect the 2nd Amendment increases.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrissey said the new law would not put law enforcement at risk or increase gun deaths.

“As the chief legal officer of the state and the person in charge of criminal matters for the state at the WV Supreme Court and in federal courts, I know that this legislation will not impact public safety.  If this bill is enacted, we will not only expand freedom, but we will keep our citizens protected.”

The law takes effect on May 26, making West Virginia one of eight states that allow concealed carry without a permit. Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, Vermont, and Wyoming are so-called constitutional carry states. In Wyoming, the law applies to residents only.

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