Sunday, March 20, 2016

Whoa: McConnell Swears No Lame-Duck Hearings For Merrick Garland

by JASmius

I guess Mitchie The Kid has decided to stick to his principles to the bitter end:

The leader of the Republican-controlled Senate is ruling out the idea of considering Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee after the November election — as one GOP colleague has suggested.

That talk had come up [since] the presidency w[ill go] to a Democrat who [will] nominate someone seen as more liberal than Obama's pick, federal appeals court judge Merrick Garland. Hillary Clinton is now the Democrat [general election] front-runner.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has stood firm in saying the Senate would leave the pick to the next president. In broadcast interviews on Sunday, the Kentucky Republican is quashing the idea that Garland's nomination would come up for consideration after the election in a lame-duck session.

And remember, folks, that no matter what Mark Kirk or Susan Collins or Jeff Flake or Orrin Hatch or even Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley may say about the matter, the decision of whether or not to bring up the Garland nomination is entirely up to Majority Leader McConnell.  Period.  And this doubles down on that line in the sand.  He can't cave on it now without spontaneously combusting before Tea Partiers can arrive to burn him alive.

It also illustrates that McConnell understands what we understand about Merrick Garland: That he's a white male leftwingnut oligarchist, and is thus ultimately indistinguishable, aside from demographically, from Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder or any other minority leftwingnut oligarchist that President Rodham will nominate for rubber-stamping by Chucky Schumer's Senate next year.  The Kentuckian is ensuring that the last act at the apex of his career won't be to leave Republican fingerprints on the final loss of the last line of defense against the total leftwingnut domination brought down upon us by the maniacal supporters of Donald J. Trump.

Salute, Mr. Majority Leader.

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