Sunday, April 17, 2016

7.8 Earthquake Smashes Ecuador

by JASmius

A seismic hat trick in only four days....(gulp):

A powerful earthquake killed at least seventy-seven people, injured hundreds more, ravaged coastal towns and sent residents fleeing for higher ground in Ecuador on Saturday night.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck off Ecuador’s Pacific coast and was felt hundreds of miles (km) away in the capital of Quito as well as in the large commercial city of Guayaquil, where rubble lay strewn in the streets and some buildings were cracked or partially collapsed.

A bridge in the city collapsed on top of a car, crushing it.

The earthquake was Ecuador’s worst in decades and officials said the death toll was likely to rise even higher as rescue teams headed into the hardest-hit areas.

We can't yet predict earthquakes like we do the weather (and even the latter is not all that reliable), and there's no evidence (yet) that one temblor on the "ring of fire" has any related or triggering effect on the rest of it.

But three major earthquakes in four days....

....does make one wonder what's coming next.

UPDATE: Ecuador death toll up to 233.

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