Monday, April 11, 2016

Border Patrol Forced To Turn Loose Illegal Aliens 'Still Wet' From Rio Grande

by JASmius

The White House should name it, "Don't see, don't catch":

Illegal [alien]s caught "still soaking wet" from crossing the Rio Grande have to be set free unless Border Patrol agents actually see them emerging from the water, a union official charges.

In testimony before the House Judiciary Committee last week, Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, charged agents were given the verbal orders after Barack Obama announced plans last November to protect from deportation an estimated five million [more] illegal [alien]s — effectively creating "an open border with Mexico," the Washington Times reports.

"We have apprehended illegal aliens just north of the border who are still soaking wet from crossing the river," Judd testified, the Times reports. "If they claim, as increasingly they are doing, that they have been here since January 1st, 2014, we will process and then release them." [emphases added]

Ah, yes, El sistema de honor dishonrable.  Or, as the late Gorilla Monsoon used to call it, "One lies and the other one swears to it".  It sure makes court jesters of the BP, doesn't it?  And a further "swimming" joke of U.S. immigration law, the rule of law itself, citizenship, and national sovereignty.

I'm guessing, conversely, that (1) building Trump's border barrier up the length of the Rio Grande is gonna be a bitch, and (2) a "catch & drown" policy isn't going to be too awfully successful either, although I suppose it might have some deterrent value.  Maybe he'd call it the "new waterboarding".

"They are still wet from the river and miles from any civilization and on their word alone we release them unless we physically saw them cross the river," he added. "This policy de facto creates an open border with Mexico for any illegal alien who wants to claim that they were here before 2014." [emphasis added]

Not electronically saw them by camera or infrared sensor or whatever; BP agents have to SEE the illegals cross WITH THEIR OWN EYES.  Which would mean, as a practical matter, that for the Border Patrol to be able to live up to their very name under the Obama policy, there would have to be at least a million BP agents deployed from the Pacific coast to the Gulf of Mexico, Tijuana to Brownsville, 24/7/365, each with the kind of searchlights used to spot enemy bombers six miles in the air at night.  And figuring in shifts and vacations and sick days and the like, we can probably triple that number.  And how many BP agents are there now?  Twenty thousand.  One for every ten miles of border.

We don't have an open border, folks; we have no border at all.  And by the time The One departs, if he ever does, we'll have upwards of a quarter of the Mexican population living up here, vastly more than can ever be entirely or practically deported.

Trump could try to build his wall if he ever got the chance (not that he will or would ever succeed if he did), but it'd go down in history as the twenty-first century Maginot Line, a solution to a problem that came decades too late.

Exit question: Could we say that TrumpWall is "all wet"?

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