Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Catch & Release....In Nebraska

by JASmius

It isn't just in the border States that Obamnesty and its stubbornly pervasive mentality plagues us and renders us all second-class citizens in our own country, but smack in the middle of the nation's heartland.  And Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) is justifiably pissed, because this case included another body bag:

Immigration officials have placed a nineteen-year-old Honduran who entered the United States as part of the so-called border surge of 2014 on its Most Wanted list for disappearing while out on bail on charges of killing a Nebraska woman while driving drunk.

But Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) says the action by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is too little, too late.

On his website Sasse said that Edwin Mejia, whose whereabouts are unknown and also goes by the name Eswin, should never have been released after he killed twenty-one-year-old Sarah Root in January while he driving drunk at a high speed. Root had graduated from college just hours before the fatal accident.

Kinda hits home for me since my own daughter just similarly graduated four months ago.  Sarah Root was somebody's little girl, had her whole life in front of her, filled with all kinds of possibilities and potentialities.  And then along comes an illegal alien who's not supposed to be here, flouting both immigration and DUI laws (Did he have a driver's license despite, or because of, his illegal status?  Or was he driving illegally, too?), gets hammered, drives anyway, plows into Miss Root, and messily ends her.  Vehicular manslaughter, open and shut, right?

Of course not.  The local criminal court in Omaha, which knew that Mejia was an illegal, nonetheless ordered him released over the vehement objections of prosecutors, on the promise to return for twice-daily breathalyzer testing.  Naturally, he disappeared and hasn't been seen since.

How does the Obama Regime fit into this case?  The local cops (Douglas County, Nebraska) contacted Immigration & Customs Enforcement and offered to hold Mejia for them to come and pick him up, after which they would have just released him anyway, of course.  So ICE cut to the chase and told them to go ahead and release him themselves, on the grounds that Mejia's vehicular manslaughter "did not meet ICE’s enforcement priorities".

So which life meant more to the Obama Regime in this case?  Sarah Root's or that of the worthless sack of illegal flesh who terminated her?  Seems pretty obvious, doesn't it?  She's in a tragically premature grave and he's....probably joy-riding around somewhere, high as a kite, probably vehicularly manslaughtering again as we speak.

And did I mention that Miss Root was white?  So, of course, she "had it coming".

It's not hard to see why Senator Sasse is so incensed.  But I guarantee one and all that he's not as angry and aggrieved as Sarah Root's dad, who has to live with this nightmare for the rest of his life.

It speaks to the highly underrated brutality of Barack Obama, to whose own daughters no harm will ever come, and everybody else's are to be sacrificed, if necessary, for his "fundamental transformation" Agenda.

Pity we don't get to no-show that.

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