Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Colorado Supreme Court Upholds Anti-Christian Persecution

by JASmius

Welcome to the brave, new world of the unfree market where Christianity is functionally banned and "We are all LGBTQ now".

So has pronounced the SCOC:

The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday declined to take up the case of a suburban Denver baker who refused to make a cake for a s[odo]wedding, letting stand a previous ruling that the Masterpiece Cakeshop owner must provide service despite his Christian beliefs.

i.e. Officially sanctioning and approving blatant anti-Christian discrimination in flagrant violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Just so we're all clear on that.

Listen to this sanctimonious, perverted, not-so-crypto-fascism:

Charlie Craig and David Mullins, who were refused service by baker Jack Phillips in 2012, applauded the development.

I bet they did.

Craig said they persisted with the case throughout a complicated legal process because they felt it was important to set the precedent that discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation was not only wrong but illegal.

Translation: They persisted with the case throughout a complicated and legal process because they hate Christians and resolved to punish the owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop for refusing to be forced to betray and eviscerate his own faith.  Otherwise they would never have targeted him in the first place.

"We didn't want anyone to have to go through what we did," Craig said.

What YOU went through?  Give the halo-polishing with your "partner's" bodily fluids a rest, Charlie.  All that happened to you was that ONE cake shop did not wish to serve you, which also happened to be among his Constitutional rights.  You live in [BLEEP]ing Denver, Colorado.  A metropolis of almost three million people.  Are you expecting us to believe that in an urban sprawl of that size you couldn't find ANY bakeries to provide you with your damned Hershey Highway cake?  That you couldn't have simply gone to one of Masterpiece Cake Shop's competitors and given them your business instead?  Maybe even gotten a better price and a better cake?  In the same day, even?  That's what's known as the "free market," Charlie.  If you're that unacquainted with the concept, it probably explains a great many things about you.

You, in other words, didn't "go through" jack shit.  But you put the owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop through over two years of stress, anxiety, worry, and hell, and probably have put him out of business.  And for no other reason than that he is a Christian, and Christians must be persecuted and driven from the public square and every place else, and wiped out altogether.

And the Supreme Court of Colorado has endorsed that act of Christophobic predation.

So congratulations, Charlie.  Whether you're the "pitcher" and David is the "catcher" or vice versa, you both do have an evident aptitude for at least figurative crucifixion.  Go out and celebrate.  Maybe even with another cake.

Just show Masterpiece Cake Shop the slightest bit of mercy and get it someplace else - which you could have done in the first place.

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