Sunday, April 17, 2016

Coup Confirmed? Obama Staying In Washington Beyond Next January

by JASmius

Supposedly "after the end of his presidency" and for the sake of his daughter Sasha's educational coherency, but I think we all know those are innocuous but tissue-thin excuses, now don't we?:

In a move that is unusual and almost unique for a former first family, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle intend to stay in Washington D.C., after he leaves office next January.

"If," Mr. Gizzi, "if".

At the regular briefing for White House reporters last Thursday, p[ropaganda oberfuehrer] Josh Earnest told Newsmax that Obama "has indicated in the last couple of months that he and the First Lady intend to remain in Washington while their youngest daughter [Sasha] completes high school."

Well, that won't take long, will it?  Just a few months and she'll have her diploma and then they'll be outta there to Chicago or Maui or Jakarta or Nairobi, right?

Sasha Obama is scheduled to graduate from the Washington-based Sidwell Friends Academy in 2019. [emphasis added]

Oh.  So near the end of O's third term.  Well now, THAT's convenient.

"Unusual " and "almost unprecedented" are terms presidential historians have used to describe a former president who remains in the nation's capital once his successor takes office.

That presumes that the "former" president leaves office and permits there to be a "successor".  Although with the rise of Trumpmania making a Hillary Clinton presidency a fait accompli....

Clinton (D) 50%
Trump ("R") 40%
(CBS News Poll, RV, 4/8-12)
Details & trend: 

 ....there may be somewhat less impetus for an Obama coup.  That'll depend on (1) how much of a lingering grudge The One still carries against La Clinton Nostra, or (2) if Ted Cruz can pull out a second ballot nomination victory, in which case the coup will be certain.

Modern presidents have decided to give their successor room by getting out of town. George W. Bush moved back to Dallas and has kept a relatively low profile for a former president, his father, George H.W. Bush, returned to Houston, and Ronald and Nancy Reagan went back to Los Angeles.

Because (1) they were all Republicans, (2) they were all ideologically Americans, and (3) they weren't aspiring dictators.

Indeed, there are only two examples among the forty-three former presidents of those who stayed in Washington.

Care to guess which two?  Hint: they were both Democrats, and they were both racist, leftwingnut extremists.

Give up?  The answer is.....

....Woodrow Wilson and Bill Clinton.  And the latter, while keeping a residence in D.C., moved with his ball & chain to Chappaqua, and while he didn't attempt the coup I was anticipating, his veep very nearly pulled one off.  Wilson, by contrast, was felled by a stroke, preempting any plans he may have had for overthrowing the constitutional order.

Barack Obama will suffer from no such impediments to his raw, naked power ambitions....if it should prove "necessary".

"For Sasha," of course.

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