Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Denmark Rising Up Against Muslim Invaders

by JASmius

Islam HAS come to Denmark, and the "welcoming, inclusive, social welfare paradise" that Bernie Sanders loves so much is trying to send it back:

Lise Ramslog was out for a barefoot amble on the warm day last September that Europe’s [Muslim] crisis came to her remote village in southern Denmark.

The seventy-year-old grandmother had planned a simple stroll. What she found in her quiet, coastal community were hundreds of exhausted asylum seekers who had arrived on the ferry from Germany only to be stranded without access to public transportation. Some had begun to walk along the highway in desperation.

Ramslog decided on the spot that she would help: She ended up giving two young couples, a small child and a newborn baby a 120-mile ride in her cramped sedan to their destination in Sweden. “When we crossed the border, they rejoiced and cried,” she recalled.

In another context, Ramslog might be known as a good Samaritan.

But the Danish government has a different term for her: convicted human smuggler.

The decision by authorities to prosecute Ramslog — and to charge hundreds of other Danish citizens with a similar crime — is to many here just the latest evidence of a society that, when faced with an unparalleled influx of [Muslim]s, has taken a nasty turn.

Note the slanted tone of the WaPo story.  Two young Muzzie couples with little children, washed ashore, with no place to go and no way to get anywhere; the kind Danish lady who gives them a lift to Sweden and, um, dumps them off there in essentially the same situation they were in in Denmark.  And the "nasty Danish government" (stop snickering) throwing the book at her.  How could they?  How DARE they!  She was only trying to be a "good Samaritan".

And if that errand of transportational mercy had taken place in a vacuum, and our magic-eight-balls told us that the two young Muzzie families were not, in fact, a jihadist cell effortlessly infiltrating Scandinavia under the easiest cover story imaginable, or that their kids aren't being raised for that "career," then perhaps you could ask what the big deal is.  But there is no "vacuum" in a Europe that is being overrun, overwhelmed, like a tsunami, and effectively conquered and occupied without a shot having been fired:

In that respect, Denmark has company: Across Europe, a once-tender embrace of those fleeing conflicts on the continent’s doorstep has evolved into an uncompromising rejection....

And for damn good reason:

“We’re losing respect for the values upon which we built our country and our European Union,” said Andreas Kamm, secretary-general of the Danish Refugee Council. “It’s becoming very hard to defend human rights.”...

Those "values" are all fine and good, in reasonable doses.  But all the arguments we've made here against Angela Merkel's swamping of Germany with over a million Muslims last year alone apply to Denmark a little over eight-fold, which corresponds with the size of the latter's territory (16,639 square miles) versus that of the former.  Denmark is a very small country - about the size of New Hampshire and Vermont combined - with a population approximately 70% that of New York City.  Proportionate to Germany's population, Denmark's equivalent Muslim influx wouldn't even be seventy thousand.  They simply do not have the space or the resources to absorb even their fair share of "migrants".

And since they bring an alien and predatory culture with them, the situation is comprehensively intolerable:

“This country is falling apart,” said Poulsen, who is slim, blond and self-assured. “We used to have a safe, monocultural society. Now our welfare state is under huge pressure.”

The notion that Denmark can’t adequately look out for its own if it is also giving sanctuary to asylum seekers has found wide appeal here. Anti-refugee positions once considered extreme are now embraced by a broad cross section of the country’s politicians. [emphasis added]

Not because their "values" have changed, but because the consequences of those "values" are no longer sustainable, nor affordable, nor practical.

Lise Ramslog gave those two young Muzzie families a lift, lived to tell the tale, and then she was done with them.  If she'd been forced to put them up in her home indefinitely and feed and clothe and take care of them, including accommodating all their "religious" requirements, necessarily including the abandonment of her own (so as not to be "offensive"), the WaPo story would probably have used a different Danish subject, assuming there are any left who can abide having their "values" stretched to ridiculous - and nationally and culturally suicidal - extremes.

Something's got to give across the entirety of the Islam-besieged E.U.  Denmark is simply proving to be no exception.

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