Friday, April 15, 2016

Germans Claim Ignorance Regarding Terrorists Mixed into Refugee Population

By Douglas V. Gibbs

In World War II the German People claimed they did not know the atrocities being carried out by the Nazi Party was even happening.  They claim the Holocaust was news to them.  It happened right under their nose, and they did nothing to stop it.

In the war we are currently in, the war that Islam has declared and is waging, but we refuse to acknowledge what is going on, the German People have done it again.  Atrocities are being committed, and they have refused to admit Muslims are the perpetrators.  And now that they are willing to admit that the people behind the problems are followers of Islam, they are saying that they did not know that kind of people was mixed into the Muslim refugee population entering their country.

Europeans, and liberal leftist Democrats here on our side of the ocean, are unwilling to admit that all Muslims commit jihad.  If given the chance, violent jihad is committed.  If violent jihad is not possible, jihad is committed in other ways. . . such as through immigration, to increase their numbers, and desensitize the population regarding the presence of Muslims in their communities.

From Pamela Geller: "German Intelligence Chief Makes Surprising Admission: Analysts Didn’t Expect Terrorists to Sneak Into Europe With Migrants,” by Sharona Schwartz, The Blaze, April 12, 2016:
The head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency said in an interview published Sunday that security officials had misjudged the Islamic State group’s ambition to sneak terrorists into Germany under the guise of asylum seekers.
In an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag, Hans-Georg Maassen, head of Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, or BfV, admitted there had been a “misjudgment” regarding the Islamist group’s strategy.

Intelligence officials at first believed it was unlikely that terrorists would enter Germany among migrants, he said.
“We thought that the risk was simply too high,” Maassen said according to quotes translated by DW. “Although they did not need to mix their people among the refugees, they did it.”
He described the infiltration strategy as “a show of force.”

The intelligence chief made another surprising admission – that some 70 percent of refugees entering Germany did not arrive with a valid passport and have been registered based solely on the information they provided.
“I am concerned that we (the BfV) and our partner agencies may, in fact, have information about dangerous individuals saved in our databases. However, we might fail to notice that they are here because they enter with false identities,” he said.
Maassen called the security situation in Germany “very serious” given that the Islamic State group aims to carry out attacks. At the same time, he said he had no knowledge of a concrete attack plan.
His remarks came after the Islamic State released a video last week threatening London, Berlin and Rome.
He estimated that there are some 1,100 Islamists in Germany who could pose a terrorist threat.
 Now for the part that will really make your skin crawl.  In addition to committing jihad against Germany, and other European Nations, while claiming that are doing nothing wrong and to speak out against them is Islamophobia, the Muslim men in Sweden and Finland who are entering the countries are taking as girlfriends pre-teen non-Muslims, and are posing in photographs with them.  These people are predators.  They seek to be pedophiles as was the false prophet Muhammad.
From Pamela Geller: This will make your skin crawl. “Love jihad.” It gives you a window into how these Muslim child sex trafficking gangs lure their prey, and that’s what these pedophiles are — predators. Of course, in their minds they are golden, as they are merely following Muhammad’s example, whose favorite wife, Aisha, was 6 when he married her.
Today, Europe is facing the largest refugee crisis since World War II. Sweden alone took in nearly 163,000 refugees in 2015, according to the country’s migration service. Refugees have been the cause of many problems in Europe in recent months. Mass rapes in Cologne, rapes of aid workers in refugee camps and the gang rape of a 12 year old boy are just a few things. Sweden alone saw 77% of it’s rapes commited by it’s 2% Muslim population. Finland is taking in only 750 a year and are already experience troubles. When will Europe learn?
The families’ response was depraved indifference.
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