Friday, April 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton: "Look At All I Did To Help The Libyan People!"

by JASmius

Here's the first of today's Bizarro World installments, in which Hillary Clinton is starring only because she's got an overarching political reason - her manic quest for the presidency - not to be candid about the unmitigated disaster that is the Obama Middle East policy in general and the immolation of Libya in particular.

Which, by the way, was an unqualified success - gosh, who knew?:

BLITZER: — the issue of national security and foreign policy. [Commissar Rodham], Barack Obama says the worst mistake in office that he made over these past seven and a half years was not preparing for Libya after Moammar Qadafi was removed. You were his [Commissar] of State. Aren’t you also responsible for that?

[MRS.] CLINTON: Well, let me say I think we did a great deal to help the Libyan people after Qadafi’s demise. [emphasis added]

And here’s what we did. We helped them hold two successful elections, something that is not easy, which they did very well because they had a pent up desire to try to chart their own future after forty-two years of dictatorship. I was very proud of that.

They don't even control all of their own capital city of Tripoli, the country is so overrun with jihadists - you know, the ones that Qaddafi suppressed for forty-two years.

We got rid of the chemical weapons stockpile that Qadafi had, getting it out of Libya, getting it away from militias or terrorist groups.

How?  We had no boots on the ground.  Did she just think real hard and use her telekinesis or something?  Or did she neglect to mention that U.S. boots on the ground in Iraq dragging Saddam Hussein out of that spiderhole provided all the motivation Qaddafi needed to voluntarily give up his nukes, and his chems wouldn't have fallen into jihadist hands if we hadn't destroyed his regime in the first place?

We also worked to help them set up their government. We sent a lot of American experts there. We offered to help them secure their borders, to train a new military.

They don't even control all of their own capital city of Tripoli.  Their country doesn't exist anymore.  Even the Obama Regime is mulling over re-intervening there (to make things even worse).  How much more does she want to get into this "success story"?

They, at the end, when it came to security issues, Wolf, did not want troops from any other country, not just us, European or other countries, in Libya. And so we were caught in a very difficult position.

Who said any of that was up to them?  They oughtn't have had any say in the matter.  And the Empress herself proceeds to thoughtlessly give the reason why:

They could not provide security on their own, which we could see and we told them that, but they didn’t want to have others helping to provide that security.

And now it's a failed state hellhole overrun by the Islamic State, which suggests that we should not have left the choice up to them - and Herself actually proceeds to admit the former:

And the result has been a clash between different parts of the country, terrorists taking up some locations in the country. And we can’t walk away from that.

You DID walk away from that.  FIVE YEARS ago.  You broke it but didn't buy it.

And her solution?

We need to be working with European and Arab partners....

Ensuring that absolutely NOTHING gets accomplished.

[MRS.] CLINTON: — with the United Nations in order to continue to try to support them.

In their half a capital.

The Libyan people deserve a chance at democracy and self- government. And I, as president, will keep trying to give that to them.

Democracy in the Muslim world leads to jihadist-dominated failed states, or jihadist-ruled nuclear powers like Iran.  Clearly more is required than just shipping them pallets of ballots and purple thumb pads.  Like de-Islamicization, the same as Germany was de-Nazified and Japan was de-militarized after World War II, which is the only reason those former U.S. enemies became staunch U.S. allies.  And that can't be done on the ground.  LOTS of boots on the ground.  U.S.  boots on the ground.  Like we had accomplished in Iraq before Barack Obama bugged out and handed it over to ISIS and the mullahs.

Operation Lead From Behind was to be the "smart power" model for how to conduct overseas interventions.  And I would say the Ugly Duchess succeeded in that regard.  Which is why she should be shutting up about it now.

UPDATE: The old harridan also flip-flopped on fracking and the $15 minimum wage last night in her continuing struggle to stay ahead of Weekend Bernie Sanders for the Democrat nomination.  But that should give us some degree of hope, since once she gets to the general campaign, she'll return to the center and undermine the "scarecrow" factor that Trumplicans will be beating over the heads of #NeverTrumpers if the coiffed strongman seizes the Republican nomination in Cleveland three months from now.  In other words, they're both inveterate leftwingnut liars who will say and do anything to attain the power that should be kept parsecs away from both of them, and neither would deserve our votes.

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