Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton Proposes Illegal Alien Welcome Wagon Agency

by JASmius

Because unconstitutionally and despotically nullifying U.S. immigration law and throwing open the erased borders to Reconquista-palooza is just too gosh darn "anti-Hispanic":

Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she would make it easier for [alien]s to secure citizenship in a meeting with New York [extrem]ists Wednesday, vowing to use her campaign to “knock down all the barriers.”

“The hassle of becoming a citizen is sometimes overwhelming,” [Mrs.] Clinton said, referring to the [tens of] millions of [alien]s in the United States who are eligible for citizenship but have not applied. [emphasis added]

Because they have no need to do so, since they're getting all the benefits of unearned citizenship anyway.  Gets 'em past all the "hassle", y'see.

“We should not add a series of barriers.”

i.e. Now-long-since illegally nullified U.S. immigration law.

“I’m using this campaign to knock down all the barriers,” she added.

What "barriers"?  Or part of the word "nullified" doesn't she comprehend?

[Mrs.] Clinton touted her plan to create a new federal agency called the Office of Immigration Affairs to streamline services to both legal and illegal [alien]s in the Manhattan meeting, which was timed just ahead of a New York primary in which support of the Latino community will be important. [emphasis added]

And the Pelosi-Schumer Congress will give it to her next year, too.  Although if a GOP House should manage to survive Trumpageddon, or Ted Cruz bears the standard this fall and gets "Trumped," I'm sure she'll just create the OOIA by executive order, just like the Obamnesty that preceded it.

One might think that this proposed illegal alien welcome wagon would be redundant since we ostensibly already have a federal agency - Immigration & Customs Enforcement - that ostensibly already handles these ostensible matters.  If you think that, you're missing the point of this exercise: the word enforcement.  The idea is not enforcement, but to pump the entire Latin American population inside America's borders so as to demographically swamp the native population - us - render us a minority, second-class citizens, in our own country, and, of course, entrench the Democrat Party, South American banana republic-style, in power forever and ever, amen.  All in complete ignoring and evisceration of the United States Constitution and the oath to preserve, protect, and defend it that she will have taken nine months and six days from now.

And she's not even bothering to hide any of it.  And why should she?  It, the Clinton master plan, is working like a charm.

Still think the Republic can be restored?

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