Wednesday, April 20, 2016

House Select Panel On Infant Lives Vindicates David Daleiden, Center For Medical Progress

by JASmius

Contrary to what the optimists in the true conservative remnant would have us believe, the truth doesn't always win, and indeed, in these "last days," it almost never does.

But it can still be damned inconvenient for our evil conquerors at times:

Planned Parenthood abort[uarie]s profit from the sale of aborted baby organs, according to new documents released by a congressional committee investigating the organization’s practices.

The U.S. House Select Panel on Infant Lives released a preview of its findings after a months-long review of internal documents obtained from the nation’s top aborti[cian], as well as organ procurement companies and buyers. The panel concluded that abort[uarie]s incur no additional costs in harvesting organs obtained from an already-aborted baby and that the sale or transfer of those organs represented “pure profit” for the clinic.

“The [abortuary] has no costs so the payments from the [procurement business] to the [abortuary] are pure profit,” the report concludes. “All costs are born by the [procurement business] or the customer. The payments from the customer to the PB exceed its cost by a factor of 300% to 400%.”...

“The abortion industry sells baby hearts, livers, brains, hands and other organs procured by a middleman company inside their facilities at no cost or effort to the facilities themselves. The facility receives upfront fees that can amount to five-figure sums every month and then the procurement companies resell organs for tens of thousands more — depending on the child’s characteristics,” Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, said in a release. “The documents make clear there is absolutely no cost to the abort[uary] so that all monies received go to their bottom line.”

Or, in other words, precisely what courageous, intrepid, young Mr. Daleiden and the CMP stripped naked in all its blood & guts, Meneglesque infamy in its Planned Parenthood Cannibalism Cinematic Universe last year, for which he, and not PP, has been criminally prosecuted in Texas and Gestapo-ized in California.  Which suggests that Chairmwoman Marshal Blackburn (R-TN7) and the House Select Panel on Infant Lives had better be watching their own backs against a loud front-door pounding in the middle of the night.

This is some, though heartening, measure of pushback against the anti-lifers going to police state war, but it's still functionally Pyrrhic.  Congress can raise public consciousness about an issue, much less a forty-three-year grisly carnival of crimes against humanity and the grotesque orgy of bread & "protein" circuses they have spawned, but they cannot enforce the law, and constitutionally speaking, neither can the Executive Branch, even if it were so inclined to do so.  It is a State matter, and Planned Parenthood is in every State, as is the Left, systematically dismembering David Daleiden, the CMP, and the pro-life movement by any means necessary.

But if the latter's "inconvenient truths" were to gain sufficient traction to actually turn that tide and endanger the abortion industry, the Obama Regime would be its legal and power backstop, ready to step in and squash the defenders of the innocent at a moment's notice, law and Constitution be damned.  Because, of course, in a tribalistic "democracy" of dueling mobs, it isn't the "will of the people" that matters, but the will of the "right " people - and the latter is ALWAYS done.

Even unto death.

The truth, however, remains, indestructible, but, also like the "Aether"... can - and will - be buried where nobody will ever find it, until our "species" achieves piecemeal extinction.

If we''re lucky.

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