Saturday, April 16, 2016

Illegal Alien Children Up 1,200% Between 2011 & 2014

by JASmius

That's a thirteenfold increase, ladies and gentlemen.  And it is all about incentives, incentives, incentives - all the wrong ones, in other words:

The number of unaccompanied children crossing the U.S. border illegally has jumped by more than 1,200% in the past five years, a new Congressional Research Service report says, and another new record could be set this year.

"This unexpected surge of children strained U.S. government resources and created a complex crisis with humanitarian implications," the report says, according to the Washington Free Beacon. [emphasis added]

What on Earth is "unexpected" about it?  Is this the same sort of "unexpected" as how every piece of abysmal economic news over the past seven-plus years, which has unfolded with metronomic, jack-hammer regularity, has been adjectived by the media with that same misnomer?  Who wouldn't expect Barack Obama's heavy advertisements (literally) to have produced such a mass northward exodus?

"Experts warn that significant migration flows will continue until policymakers in the countries of origin and the international community address the poor socioeconomic and security conditions driving Central Americans to leave their homes."

Translation: Until policymakers in the countries of origin succeed in gouging even more aid out of the U.S.  Which, naturally, O will be more than happy to dispense, which will incentivize the "countries of origin" to keep shipping their population northward in even greater numbers.

According to the agency, the flow of unaccompanied children has already increased in the first five months of fiscal year 2016, with nearly twenty thousand already being apprehended. The illegal immigration record is 2014, when U.S. officials caught more than 52,000 children.

Let's remember at thus juncture that only about one in every twenty-five of these "children" were actually children, the remainder being teen-age gang-bangers.  They were mis-described as "children" by the Obama Regime in order to sell and otherwise morally bulldoze the American people into acquiescing to the 2014 influx.  Which has never slackened but has continued to escalate, only the media stopped covering it long ago because they share the White House's Reconquista-symp Agenda.

Most of the children were from Central American nations including El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, and analysts say even more will travel north because of continuing poor economic conditions and the United States' favorable immigration policy. [emphasis added]

Precisely.  Incentives, incentives, incentives.  All the wrong ones.

Everybody (including, never forget, Donald Trump) laughed at Mitt Romney's "self-deportation" plan, but it recognized the proven fact of economic incentives, positive and negative, and how if you reduce and remove the lure of easy illegal entry and illegal entry-level job procurement, Hispanic "migrants" will be escalatingly less likely to make the trek north, the influx will slacken, the "border crisis" will subside, and those illegals already here will see that the jig is up and the incentive worm has turned, and they will....self-deport.  Simply go home.

It's much easier to provide somebody with a reason to motivate them to do what you want than to simply try to force them to do so against their will.  That's the difference between Donald Trump's belligerent immigration bravado that sounds so cathartic but will never get any place in real-world reality and a border hawk plan that actually produces the results we all want to see.

The irony is that Barack Obama understands economic incentivizing as well as Romney did, while Trump, the ostensible businessman, remains deliberately clueless - assuming his professed border hawkery is sincere at all.

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