Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Iran Tests Newest ICBM

by JASmius

They're just building, building, building....oh, you get the point:

Iran reportedly conducted a launch of a space rocket this week that could eventually be used to power long-range missiles.

Stop the tape.  I don't want to quibble about nomenclature here, but isn't a "space rocket" pretty much the same thing as a "long-range missile"?  Sounds to me like more of the Obama Regime's "mislabeling as missile defense" putrescence.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Iran launched its Simorgh "space launch vehicle" on Tuesday.

i.e. ICBM.

A U.S. defense official told the news outlet the test "was either an unsuccessful launch, or a test of third stage."
The Simorgh did not reach orbit, according to the report.

Well, good, if the former, not so good if the latter, but - and again, I don't want to quibble here - but isn't any such missile testing prohibited, and consequently a trigger for economic sanctions re-imposition?

Why, yes it is, for whatever that's worth, and it ain't much:

State [Commissaria]t spokesman John Kirby would not confirm the launch had taken place, but said U.S. officials have been keeping an eye on the situation.

Like deer in the proverbial headlights, yes.

"Obviously we're watching this as best we can," Kirby said, reports the Free Beacon. [emphasis added]

Myopic deer in the headlights, then.

"Certainly if it's true and we're talking about a ballistic missile launch or the testing of ballistic missile technologies, that's obviously of concern to us.

Not judging by anything we've seen over the past year-plus, it isn't, Johnnie.

It's not consistent, as we said before, with the Security Council resolution...."

About which neither you nor anybody else has done a damn thing.  Indeed, the mullahs have been illegally "testing" and building, building, building their ballistic missile inventory (and nukes) before, during, and after the lifting of "crippling" economic sanctions, and all it has ever elicited from you people is more useless (and dishonest) words pumped into the air.  Like all our other enemies, the Islamic Empire of Iran knows that all the Obama Regime is from one end to the other is talk, talk talk, without a faint, flickering hope of action.  And its words are sufficiently foolish and irrational as to not even require any action to back them up.  Perfectly transparent pacifist perfidy.  A preemptively self-called bluff.

There are American leaders who are (1) American and (2) have more than three brain cells to rub together:

Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas told the Free Beacon the launch is a "provocation."

"An Iranian Simorgh space launch vehicle test would be a provocation of the highest order and shows Iran’s true intentions," Cotton said.

Yes, it really is that obvious.  To anybody outside the Obama White House.  And that is where the provocations perception (sounds like a good Big Bang Theory episode title, doesn't it?) needs to, and never will, reside.

Make me wonder if the mullahs ever stop giddily laughing at us.

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