Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Iranian Nuclear Attack Set For Just After Hillary Clinton Takes Office

by JASmius

It appears that President Rodham isn't going to have to wait very long for that 3AM phone call:

Iran plans a "full launch" of a ballistic missile in February 2017, providing likely diplomatic headaches for the next American president, who will be inaugurated in late January, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Iran made a test launch of its Simorgh "space vehicle" this month, with another test set for late August or early September. The "full launch" is set to follow in February. [emphasis added]

Which will bring the continental United States within range of its nuclear warheads.

Though Iran describes the Simorgh as part of its space program....

Sure - how else are they going to keep the mullahs' secret moon base supplied? is widely believed to be cover for the Islamic [Empire]'s work toward an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to the United States.

Probably on the evening of Her Nib's first State of the Union Show, when pretty much the entire federal government will be packed into the House chamber to listen to her screech for at least a couple of absolutely unbearable hours.  A decapitation strike on Washington, D.C. leaving our country utterly and completely leaderless - no POTUS, no VPOTUS, no Congress, no Cabinet, no Supreme Court....nothing.  The ultimate terrorist attack.

And they're essentially telling us ten months in advance that they're going to do it.

Remember when our country was that confident in itself, its founding beliefs, and its power?  Nah, me, either.

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