Monday, April 11, 2016

Is Ted Cruz Violating Campaign Finance Laws?

By Douglas V. Gibbs

According to the Trump Campaign, and Politico, Senator Ted Cruz is not playing fair.  He has at least eight Super-PAC’s assisting his presidential campaign, and the Cruz Campaign is allegedly directing large donors toward one PAC specifically. The “Stand for Truth” PAC.


An audio recording reveals, “If you hit your max then we have a table for you that is the unlimited table,” Keet Lewis, a bundler for the campaign and co-host of a Dec. 30 fundraiser in Dallas, says on the recording provided to POLITICO. “It can take corporate dollars, it can take partnership dollars, and that’s the super PAC, Stand for Truth, so pick up some of that information.” (link)

The politico article goes on to share how and why the fundraising instructions are illegal –read here

What's worse?  The actual Super-PAC the Ted Cruz campaign is preferring, “Stand for Truth”, is run by Mitch McConnell’s attorney, Eric Lycan; and the receipts inside the most recent filings show some of the biggest donors in the DC circuit heavy hitters club.

Uh, I thought Ted Cruz was an outsider.  Is he in an unholy marriage with the GOP Establishment?

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JASmius said...
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JASmius said...

I wish the Blogger comment feature included editing.


Would this be the same Cruz that is still refusing to retract or apologize for his calling Mitchie the Kid a liar on the Senate floor last summer?

C'mon, Doug, this post could have been a Trump campaign press release.

But if Trump really believes this allegation, he's the lawsuit king; let him haul TrusTed into court about it. That will be the threshold between serious allegation and bullshit smear. And if it was the former, I'd think the legal action would already be in motion.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Once again, I am only reporting the news, and this was something that was on Politico, one of the sites I use for sources. Are you suggesting that I should only pick stories that fit a particular agenda? News is news. This was something people were interested in. Has your NeverTrump attitude become so hysterical that you are willing to manipulate the news reported?

JASmius said...

You seem to be picking stories that DO fit a particular agenda - that of Donald Trump. Whether that's flacking or some misguided attempt at "balancing" the site (and it is your site, so you can obviously do as you see fit) or your ongoing "benefit of the doubt" gimmick, I couldn't say, but I can only speak to how it looks and how they read.

Your taken-aback protestations of objectivity do sound very much like those of the pre-Obama "mainstream" media, though. And every bit as unconvincing.

And yes, I am #NeverTrump. I make no bones about it, and I don't coyly deny it. And it's a good thing I am, because otherwise the election coverage on this site really wouldn't be balanced.